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In just 20 minutes, learn everything you need to know about powers of attorney: What it is, what it does, and how you should be using it


Circumstances change and they can really challenge us. COVID-19 has turned everything upside down. While there is a lot of unknown, there are practical steps you can take to take back control of your finances.


In the midst of a crisis, estate planning is still an essential activity. Learn strategies to protect your assets if you get sick or need long-term care. This webinar is done in easy-to-understand language so you can learn and create a plan of action for protecting your family, your life savings, and your legacy.
The COVID-19 crisis has thrown the world into uncertain times. For people in, or nearing retirement, the financial impact may have you wondering what you should in response to the volatility in the market. Should you stay the course? Should you make a change?


Webinars for Continued Education Credits for Professionals:


The challenges of self-quarantining and working remotely have placed a tremendous strain on professional services businesses. This webinar shares 10 actionable strategies to weather the challenges of the coronavirus slowdown and position you and your firm to thrive (not just survive) in this environment. This webinar will help you seize the opportunity created by the crisis, rather than succumb to it.

For attorneys and CPAs, this webinar provides professional continuing education credit.

Most firms are scrambling to work remotely due to the “stay-at-home” orders impacting our community. This webinar will teach you the hardware, software, and best practices tips to help you and your team work remotely and successfully. The challenge presented by the coronavirus self-quarantine threatens the ability for great businesses to survive. This webinar will guide you to thriving in this environment and positioning yourself as a market dominant company.

For attorneys and CPAs, this webinar provides professional continuing education credit.