Web Sites to Assist When Dealing With Dementia

Assisting a family member after he or she has been diagnosed with dementia is often a difficult and daunting task. Luckily, there are scores of online resources available to help. A recent article discusses several of these web sites.

One helpful web site is The Hartford. This site provides information on the interaction of dementia and driving safety. Through the resources on this web site, a person can learn how to better evaluate the driving skills of a family member with dementia, and also find tips on how to encourage a family member to stop driving when it becomes unsafe.

Another helpful web site is the Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation. This site provides a wide array of information on Alzheimer’s research, treatment, and different ways that Alzheimer’s patients can work to retain mental fitness. There is also a forum where visitors can ask Alzheimer’s researchers questions. This site also provides a resource locator, through which you can locate local medical suppliers, physical therapists, and other Alzheimer’s resources in your area.

A final helpful web site is ThisCaringHome.org. This web site provides safety recommendations for adjusting a home for the safety of a resident with Alzheimer’s. Additionally, the site offers solutions for common problems that caregivers of Alzheimer’s face, such as dealing with loved ones who constantly leave the refrigerator door open or forget to take medication.