Top Questions to Ask an Estate Planning Attorney

Before you hire someone to help you with the process of estate planning in New Jersey, you need to evaluate the attorney. Deciding who to work with is a process of examining that individuals experience, commitment to you, and general personality. Since an estate planning attorney is someone who you will interact with potentially for many years, you need to feel confident that this is the right decision for you.

As a potential client, you likely realize that the attorney will have some questions for you, too. If you decide to work together, your attorney should be interested in putting together a plan and strategies aligned with your individual needs and concerns.

Be prepared to answer those possible questions asked during the initial consultation, but make sure you’re ready to ask your own, too. What follows are several questions to consider asking an estate planning attorney before deciding to work together.

• How long have you been practicing?
• Which staff member will I be primarily interacting with? Is it you or someone else?
• What percentage of your practice is devoted to estate planning?
• How often do you communicate with your clients?
• Do you have a preferred method of communication to receive updates from me?

Getting these questions answered early can help you to select the right New Jersey estate planning attorney. This person could play a critical role in helping to develop documents and tactics to protect you and your family well into the future, so you need to determine if this is the right fit as soon as possible by asking these questions. If you feel confident after speaking with the attorney, then you’re in the right place to make an informed decision about hiring him or her.