The “Torpedo” Hits New Jersey

I can’t remember a hotter summer in New Jersey than this Summer 2010. With temperatures regularly above 90 degrees, the Medina Clan has been working hard to find ways to stay cool.


Thanks to my wife’s tireless research, we’ve been able to fill the boys’ days with fun, low-cost activities – like Vacation Bible School (affectionately known as “VBS”), a golf academy, tennis camp, and swim lessons. The swim lessons have been the best “investment” since we’ve been spending countless days at Camp Margary (also known as “the in-laws”) because they have a pool, and cold drinks, and a steady supply of grill-able items like hamburgers, hot dogs and sausage.

Back to the swim lessons for a moment, my wife found _THE_ Mercer County swim instructing guru. Blessed with almost mythical powers, legend says that she can teach any child to swim in less than one summer and there are whispers of the Phelps-dust that she sprinkles at the end of the summer to give your child a shot at Olympic stardom.

For my older son, that has translated into a decent freestyle stroke, the “torpedo,” and the confidence to jump into the deep end of the pool. For the younger son, the results haven’t been quite as striking, but he’s learned not to attempt to breathe underwater – which means a lot less gagging on pool water and a lot less freaking out by his parents or other pool attendants – and when the goggles are properly positioned, he can tell you how many fingers you are holding underwater.

I’m also happy to report that there are two new additions to the Medina family.

On June 24th and June 25th after 9 hours of “labor” and weighing in at 4.8 oz., my wife and I welcomed 2 new iPhone 4s into the fold. Lovingly selected, we’re proud to report that they’ve acclimated well into our lives, requiring just 2-3 hours per day of swiping and tapping to keep them happy. We’re also looking forward to the arrival of the free cases Apple has decided to give out in late-August/early-September. I can post pictures of the iPhones if anyone is interested. For pictures of my kids, you’ll have to talk to my wife.

Posted by Victor Medina, Medina Law Group, LLC