Studies Show That Americans Are Struggling with the Estate Planning Process

Perhaps it comes as no surprise with nearly half of Americans having no estate plan or will at all. But new research indicates that people in the United States are vary of estate planning and retirement planning. Many of these individuals feel in over their head and concerned about what steps to take next.

Others may have never even reached out to an estate planning attorney to talk about the most appropriate strategies for their individual needs. Estate planning, investing and retirement planning can easily become overwhelming for someone who does not have the appropriate advisors in place.

Finding a knowledgeable estate planning attorney can help to break down this process and illuminate key issues that make the estate planning process easier than ever. There is a good chance that you are overestimating just how much work and clarity is involved in putting together your estate plan. A lawyer can evaluate your individual needs and help you determine what is most appropriate for you as far as next steps.

Your lawyer can also become a trusted confidant if you choose to move forward working with him or her on a regular basis. Consulting with a knowledgeable lawyer when you have estate planning questions is strongly recommended for anyone who is in the process of thinking ahead about their retirement. A new study from Hearts & Wallets indicated that 26% of individuals in a recent study said that estate planning was very difficult or somewhat difficult for them. This was a 2% increase over the 2015 results.  Ready to talk estate planning? Set up a meeting with a NJ lawyer today.