Special Needs Trusts in New Jersey

Protecting Special Needs Children

Some loved ones require more attention and care because they are particularly vulnerable. Whether it’s because of a physical or mental disability, you knew from the day they came into your life that you needed to provide for them while you are alive—and well after you leave them.

With two school psychologists in Victor Medina’s family (one of them his wife), plus experience with public school special education law, at the Medina Law Group, we have a personal relationship with special needs planning.

More About Special Needs Trusts

There are a wide range of special needs trusts, each of which is designed to accomplish a specific goal or address a particular family situation.

Here is a partial list of the supplemental services available to your child with a properly designed, implemented and funded special needs trust:

Annual check-ups at an independent medical facility

Attendance of religious services

Supplemental education and tutoring

Out-of-pocket medical and dental expenses

Transportation (including purchase of a vehicle)

Maintenance of vehicles

Purchase materials for a hobby or recreation activity

Funds for trips or vacations

Funds for entertainment such as movies, shows or ball games

Purchase of goods and services that add pleasure and quality to life, such as computers, videos, furniture or electronics

Athletic training or competitions

Special dietary needs

Personal care attendant or escort

We can help ensure that your child receives the best possible care for the rest of his or her life and help you experience greater peace of mind.

Together, we can look at your child’s needs, your family’s financial situation, what benefits are available and what legal strategies will help today—and tomorrow.

We will use our experience, knowledge of the law and close relationships with numerous private and public agencies to secure the maximum in benefits and health care for your child.

We will also review your plan periodically to consider any changes in your financial, family or medical situation.

Your child is special. That means, as you are all too aware, that you, as a parent, need to be special, and that the planning and protection of your child needs to be special.

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