Medicaid Planning in New Jersey

Medicaid Planning

You’ve worked a lifetime to make these years your best yet. By ensuring you understand your Medicaid benefits, you can ensure they stay that way. At Medina Law Group, we help with a wide range of Medicaid planning needs. 
In life, tragedy can hit fast and without warning. Without a plan to navigate the complexities of Medicaid, you or a loved one could face expensive nursing home costs.

More About Medicaid

A Certified Elder Law Attorney can help you legally preserve the maximum amount of assets and still qualify for Medicaid benefits in the shortest amount of time…even in a crisis.

When it comes to qualifying for Medicaid, it’s common to receive incorrect advice from well-intentioned family and friends. Following that advice can often have unintended negative consequences like delaying the time before you qualify for Medicaid.

Without Medicaid, the only source of money to pay for long-term costs comes from retirement savings. Given the high cost of these services, it’s not long before that money begins runs out.

These are your savings and your hard-earned assets saved over a lifetime—you owe it to yourself to help protect them and meet with qualified professionals in the field who can help you make it happen.

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