Asset Protection in New Jersey

Planning to Protect Your Assets

You’ve worked a lifetime to save for your dream retirement. Now it’s time to ensure what you’ve spent decades building stays safe for generations. Smart legal planning helps individuals or married couples create a plan to ensure long-term care doesn’t deplete their savings or the assets they plan to leave their loved ones. At Medina Law Group, we help with a wide range of asset protection planning needs. 

More About Asset Protection

Asset protection provides a plan that protects your hard-earned assets should you become disabled and are unable to make your own decisions

This includes long-term nursing home stays and helps to ensure you’re qualified for Medicaid as quickly as possible, while protecting as much of the assets as possible…legally.

In addition, the estate planning documents that non-elder care attorneys draft tend to focus on after-death distributions and sophisticated tax planning, with little or no thought paid to how your affairs should be managed in the case of disability. We work to help you create a holistic plan that details how you will be cared for during any periods of incapacity.

The most important thing in pre-crisis planning is giving you peace of mind. We know the law, and we will work with you to learn about your family and your personal goals. Together, we develop a plan that will work when you need it. Our goal is to help you sleep soundly at night, knowing that you have a plan in place that will protect your assets when the unthinkable happens.
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