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To help you feel comfortable and confident with the decisions you’ll make on the road to and through retirement, we’ve created these fact-packed guides.


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Inside the World of Part-Time Travel Jobs

Unlocking the Zzzecrets to Quality Sleep

Super Nanny – The Critical Role Grandparents Play & the Benefits It Provides

Back to Basics: Financial Literacy 101

Age with Agility: Maximizing Health in Your Golden Years

Unlocking Your Retirement Potential: Goal Setting Strategies


Downloadable Guides

Are you paying to much in taxes in retirement?

Inflation and your retirement

Don’t let your health destroy your family’s wealth

Mom needs to go into assisted living... what do I do?


Books by Victor Medina

Make It Last

Empowering Women in Retirement

Make It Last

Estate Planning in a Nutshell

Make It Last

Protecting Your Family From the Costs of Aging

Make It Last

How To Get, and Keep, Your Legal Ducks In A Row

Make It Last

Ensuring Your Nest Egg is Around As Long As You Are