Paying for Nursing Home Costs

The number of people who will require nursing home care will continue to rise as the baby boomer population continues to age. Although there are a myriad of programs that may assist these people in paying for that care, often times people need help navigating their way through these options. A recent article discusses several resources that may minimize the costs of long term care.

Medicare Seniors who are quickly approaching the time where they will require a nursing home stay should look into the possibility of seeking benefits from Medicare first. Importantly, Medicare only provides coverage for rehabilitative care. Medicare will not cover long-term care. If a person’s need for nursing home care is not immediate, Medicare may pay for up to 35 hours per week of home health care services.

Medicaid Medicaid is a program that assists low income individuals in paying for health care. Medicaid will cover some of the costs associated with a nursing home stay, however is only available to those who meet strict income requirements.

Relocating the Patient It may also be a good option to relocate the patient. The cost of health care varies from city to city, state to state. If the patient has a family member in a community with nursing homes that offer quality care at a low cost, it may be a good idea to consider relocation.