Should Parents Tell Adult Children What’s Included in The Estate Plan?


It can be a tricky question to determine whether or not it is appropriate to let your loved ones know what is inside your estate plan. A surprise after you pass away could be unpleasant for everyone involved, but it’s a balancing act to determine the right amount of information that should be passed on in advance.

There is certainly a concern that it could lead to additional conflict and drama, but your children may have reached an age in adulthood when it is appropriate for them to know what is in the estate planning documents. In general, the best approach is transparency. However, this might differ according to your family members and according to your individual needs.

Some of the details associated with your estate planning might ultimately remain obscure but in other situations sharing certain types of information can be extremely valuable.

At a bare minimum, family members should be aware of where the documents are located and who the key professionals are who can be contacted to take immediate steps in the event of an unexpected death. For example, your adult children should have a general idea of the accountants, financial advisors and attorneys who have been involved in your estate planning process so that they can reach out and get help as soon as possible.
Your lawyer can help you determine what might make sense for your family. Set up a call with a New Jersey estate planning attorney today.