NYT: Testing a Drug That May Stop Alzheimer’s Before It Starts

Alzheimer’s has become such a growing concern for the population that the federal government has created a national plan to address it. Through the National Institutes of Health, the government is investing $50 million in research this year, and $100 million in 2013.

Some of the $50 million in 2012 is going towards a promising clinical trial of a drug which may stop Alzheimer’s before it starts. Here is a New York Times article (where I lifted the headline for this post) discussing that trial. 

I was surprised to learn about a family in Colombia with a particular genetic predisposition to Alzheimer’s. Members of that family show symptoms of cognitive impairment around 45 years old, and full dementia by 51 years old. The drug is going to be tested on this family in the hopes that it can stop the onset of Alzheimer’s.

For more information about that Colombian family, read this.  

Here’s hoping they get some good news.

Posted by Victor Medina,

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