Estate Planning Myths & Misconceptions – Myth #2 – All Estate Plans Are The Same

In my first post, I talked a little about those attorneys who offer to do it all for you (real estate, commercial litigation, business representation), including your estate planning. Just as not all estate planning attorneys are the same, Myth #2 is that not all estate plans are the same.

Despite what Suze Orman will tell you (and sell you), you should not get your estate plan out of a box. If the attorney (or financial professional) you’re interviewing is bragging about how easy it is create a will or a trust, you should run, not walk, in the other direction. The term “boilerplate” as it pertains to your entire document, should not be a source of comfort, but a source of concern.

The truth is that not all estate plans are, or should be, the same. While the word processing elements of an estate planning document is not altogether difficult (did you know that attorneys own computers?), a will or a trust is not something that should be created by the attorney without input from you.

A good estate planning attorney will want to spend time with you to figure out your hopes, your dreams and goals. Once you teach us the family, we will help you learn the law, and together we will create an estate plan that works.

Posted by Victor Medina
Medina, Martinez & Castroll, LLC