More on Michael Jackson & Estate Planning

My friendĀ Candice Aiston has posted a great article regarding the guardianship issues raised by Michael Jackson’s early death.

Here are the first two paragraphs and I urge you to visit her site and read the rest. Well-written and very informative:

Like many people my age, I am a HUGE fan of “early” Michael Jackson. Loved him pre-surgery, during the disco and Thriller eras. It was sad to watch such a talented individual become a self-hating recluse. It was sad to see him on trial for sexual molestation of a young boy, and I can only hope that he didn’t really do it. He was acquitted, in any event. It kind of made me sad to see how oddly it seemed he was behaving with regard to his kids – contracts with the birth mother, veiled faces, a baby dangled over a balcony…remember the weirdness?

Now everyone is talking about how much money he left behind and how complicated his estate will be, what with all of his credit and debt issues and split ownership of certain rights to music. There’s a lot of talk about how it could take years to settle his estate. I guess that mostly depends on the type of estate planning he’s done, and we’ll find out all about it soon enough.

But what about the kids?

Here is the link to the entire post.