MLG Five Fact Friday – May 8, 2020

Hey everybody, it’s Victor Medina, and welcome to another Five Fact Friday.

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I’m coming to you from the inside of my office, I wanna share with you a little bit of where I work and what the setup is, because you know we’ve been doing more and more webinars, as well as video meetings with our clients, as well as our new clients, I kinda wanted to give you a little shot of where the magic happens, and so this is my office here, as you can see I’ve got a stand up desks, and I’ve got recording materials with a microphone and a video cam, and so if you’ve ever attended one of our webinars or had a meeting with you, this is where I’m coming to you from, and I kinda want to show you this because we’ve got some upcoming webinars that I think are gonna be really, really exciting and helpful. One of them is in the area of powers of attorney. So this is a shorter webinar, we’re gonna be talking about what makes a good power of attorney, and why you want to consider looking at yours and making sure that it is up to snuff. The next one is gonna be talking about taking control back on your retirement planning. You know, a lot of people are feeling a lot of uncertainty about what’s going on, and so what we wanna do is try to give them three concrete actions that they can take in order to make sure sure that they can take control back on their retirement planning. Those webinars are gonna be coming up and if you’re interested in registering for them, what I can ask you to do is just reply to this email and we’ll put you on the invitation list so you can see when the next ones are gonna be offered, or you can be looking out for our advertisements on social media, we’re gonna be promoting these things and offering people to come on them, there’ll be little boxes and links for you to register, so if you’re interested in doing that, let us know. By the way, before I get too far, I think some of you know that one of the things I do is I coach lawyers from across the country, and many of them are subscribed to our channels and they see these videos, so I wanna point out for those of you that are watching back in my practice growth programs back at home, you can see that in fact, I’ve got a clean desk that I’m working on, now the reason why I’m pointing that out is one of the things that I coach people on is that, without a clean desk you can’t have a clean mind and you can’t get anything done, so I just wanted to point out that in fact, I am living in integrity with working at a clean office. Anyway, let’s get to the five links for this week. Link number one, is back on the Disney theme, if you don’t know, last Five Fact Friday I shared with you the Disney singalong that was being offered, and this time I am sharing with you face masks that are Disney themed. I have an inclination that we’re going to continue to need face masks going forward, so you may want to customize yours with a Disney image. Personally, I’m going after the Baby Yoda one, I think that’s probably my style in face masks. The next one, as to what I am watching, there was a Sondheim celebration that was offered in the recent weeks where they were celebrating his 90th birthday. Stephen Sondheim is a Broadway composer, of great renown, and people love his songs, and so what they did is they produced a remote video recording of a number of his songs as a tribute to him on his birthday. There’s some great songs on there, you’ve got Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton fame singing Giants in the Sky, which is a song by the character that’s Jack in the Beanstalk in a show called Into the Woods, that was a great performance. There’s a star-studded performance of The Ladies who Lunch, we’ve got Meryl Streep and Audra McDonald boozin’ it up on video, that was a great performance, but my two favorite is, the first one is Move On, which is a song from Sunday in the Park with George, is being performed by Jake Gyllenhaaal and Annaleigh Ashford who performed it in Broadway as well as the West End, that’s a great, great performance, very vulnerable, I totally encourage you to watch that one. And finally, what is probably the singular best performance of Send in the Clowns that I’ve ever seen, now Send in the Clowns is a rather rueful song, it’s not really about circuses or anything like that, but in fact it’s one of these really great torch songs, and if you’re interested in checking that out, any of the videos that are on there, be prepared to scroll a little bit because it is a two hour performance, and so I encourage you to use the fast forward button and find the ones that you like best. Anyway, onto the rest of the links. What’s on my homescreen is an app called Sleep Cycle. This whole staying at home and working from home has really disrupted people’s sleep cycle and sleep is very important for things like weight loss and your general health, and so if you’re interested in tracking that, learning more about your sleep cycles and what you can do to make them better, you might want to check out an app like that. Now onto the two links for legal and financial, the first one in the legal realm is about why so many people are looking to update or examine their estate plan. Our business has been quite busy working on estate planning for people, and if that’s something that you’re interested in, I encourage you to reach out to us, because we can fit you in our schedule, we can not only put a plan in place pretty quickly, but we can do it remotely as well, and safely within the protocols for what’s going on and the coronavirus pandemic. And finally, in the what’s new in retirement, there’s a lot of reason for people to be positive about what’s going on in retirement, for as much as the stock market has been going crazy, people’s values on their portfolio’s probably pretty close to where they are about a year ago, and so this concept that maybe they’ve lost a lot is just a matter of perspective given how long they’ve been investing. The real question for people is what’s your plan? You’ve dodged the first bullet, could you dodge a second one if we have a further decline? What are you gonna do to surf the second wave of the coronavirus, and so if you’re interested in exploring that, specifically with us, we can help you on the retirement planning side, you just have to reach out and let us know, and what we can do in the meantime is share this link with you about what’s positive in retirement, now finally, as the bonus link I was referencing, some of you know that I sing for an a capella group, and our group has been itching for a way to perform together, we meet with each other every Wednesday night but it’s usually just to share a drink and check in on one another, but we miss this aspect of performing, and so what we did is what a lot of groups did, which is we recorded a song that we sing together, and put it together in a video that I’m gonna share with you in this link, so it is a version of the song True Colors by Cyndi Lauper, it’s our arrangement of that, hat tip to Brian Lewis for editing it for us, and you’re gonna see a side of me that some of you have probably never seen before, but I’m happy to share it with you. We really enjoy singing a capella together, and I hope that you not only like the performance, ’cause I’m in it, but the sentiment of the song as well. So quick recap, Disney face masks, Sondheim at 90, Sleep Cycle link for tracking your sleep, and then why you should be looking at your estate planning now as well as your retirement planning, plus a special bonus link to my a ecapella group. That’s it for this Five Fact Friday, I wanna thank you for joining us and we’ll catch you in a couple of weeks!