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Hey, everybody, it’s Victor Medina with the Medina Law Group, and welcome back to another “Five Fact Friday.” Actually, I’m coming to you from the studio where I record all of our webinars and where I’ve recorded my radio show in the past. We’ve been doing more and more webinars because, first of all, everyone’s stuck at home, but we still wanna produce content for people and educate them on the topics that they’re interested in. The best way that we thought about doing that was hosting webinars on a regular basis. If you’re stuck in-home, I wanna talk to you about a couple of webinars that are coming up that we have recorded, or we have produced, that are gonna be available to you if you’re interested. They kind of break down into two groups. If you’re a professional that owns a business, or if you’re interested in understanding how you could weather whatever some of the challenges are from working at home or being in a lockdown status, we’ve got two webinars for you. One of them are 10 strategies in order to survive the coronavirus challenges, specifically on your professional level. We’re talking about 10 different strategies for you to not only survive in this environment, but also thrive, and so they come from the coaching groups that I work with. And, they are ten strategies that we can share with you. The other one are “Tech Tips for Working Remotely”. And that’s also webinar for people that are working from home and trying to figure out how to work in that environment. The nice thing about those two webinars is that if you are a CPA or an attorney they’re actually available for continuing education credits. So, because we are providers for people, in terms of continuing education courses, we can offer those for credit, you just have to register for them, and write down the codes, but you can actually get credit at home watching these couple of webinars. So I am going to recommend those to you. If you are somebody that’s just part of the general population, and you’re concerned with two topics; the first is should I do estate planning, and the second is, how is the corona virus going to impact my retirement. Well, those are webinars that we are hosting as well. And, so we are going to include links for all of those. Each of those last two webinars, “How the Corona Virus is Going to Effect Your Retirement”, and whether or not you should do estate planning, and we think estate planning is, in fact, essential. Then what you can do is, those webinars are actually about thirty minutes, thirty, thirty-five minutes. So they’re not to long at all. The other ones because they’re continuing education credit, go a little bit longer. And, so in any event, we’ve got four of those, and we’re going to include links for all of that in addition to our normal links for the way that we do our “Five Fact Friday”. Now, I do want to go through the five links for this week. The first one is what I’m reading. And I was really touched by an article that talks about how the corona virus gonna present a new normal going forward. Things are going to change and they are probably not going to go back to the way they are. And I’m seeing that even in my own practice. You know, we’ve gone to a distributed model. And by the way, we are open for business, and we’re taking new clients, and we’re working on new client matters. So, if you are interested in estate planning, or looking at your retirement and making some changes in light of the volatility of the stock market, especially if you are facing retirement, we’re available to help and we are working on client matters. But we’ve gone to a distributed model where a majority of our workers are working from home. Both in compliance with the governors executive order, but also because it’s just the smart thing to do. But the way that we’ve changed our services, and the way that we have modified the way that we deliver them are probably going to be things that we stick with even when things return back to normal. So it’s going to be interesting and I thought that that link was important. The next thing is what I’m watching. It’s just a live stream of baby animals. And what’s nice about them, the reason I offer it as a link is, I really believe that you need to create margin in your life if you wanna be able to deal with a lot of theses challenges. SO, a lot of the struggle is if you’re constantly circling the drain, worrying and concerned about what this is, you won’t have the space to think creatively, or innovate around your world. You won’t have the space to create this sense of normalcy. And sometimes even just something as simple as looking at a livestream of other animals will help with that. And I just wanna offer that as a fanciful way to remind you that you need to create some distance, and understand how you’re going to respond to challenges rather than re-acting to them. The next link after that is what’s on my home screen. I just found a good link of different apps if you’re stuck at home, both for Android and for Apple. Y’all know that I’m an Apple person. But I did wanna make sure that you had an additional set of resources. It’s great out there, I think there are a number of providers that are giving you opportunity for e-learning, putting their courses online, all this kinda stuff, and so that’s another link in that area. Now, there are three more links, two in legal and retirement, financial. And the other one is just a bonus link, and it goes like this. The legal link is a number of people are rushing to do their estate planning. In fact the webinar that we created is called “Estate Planning is Essential”. And we took it off of a play on this ideas that only essential businesses are open, essential retail businesses. But, you know what, estate planning is and essential activity. If you’re facing a challenge like what’s coming up, not having great estate planning documents in place is gonna make things worse if you have to use those documents in this scenario. For instance, all the probate courts who are closed. Something happens and somebody in your family dies, you can’t even open up a probate, and you can’t move forward on this. There are solutions for that, and one of the topics that I go through on the webinar is three things that haven’t changed, even though we’re facing the corona virus challenges. They include things like, you could still get sick or die, people who plan make out better than people who don’t, and if you fail to plan there is still a mess. All of those things, being still true, this is why it’s essential for you to get your estate planning done. And, let you know, we’ve got remote and virtual meeting opportunities, and we’ve got novel solutions for executing documents. If you’re interested in making sure you’ve got a great estate plan in place reach out because we are, we’ve got the capacity to deal with you. Our full team is on-board and ready to work in your service. The next link on retirement has to do with not letting the corona virus challenge knock you off your retirement plans. So, if you are not in distribution phase, but you are in accumulation phase you shouldn’t look at what’s going on here as a reason to stop accumulating assets and planning for your retirement. It’s really important that you do all of those things. And finally there’s a bonus link and they are, what the link I think is called “Hilarious Home-Working Fails”. I actually have four people in my house right now trying to do home-learning, home-working. I’ve got three boys trying to do e-learning at school, and one wife that’s trying to do her work at school. Well, thankfully I don’t think anybody has suffered any of the fails that you’re gonna se in this link. But it is a challenge, and it’s a funny way of looking at some of the stuff that we’re facing right now. Look, the corona virus is serious. I hope that everyone in your family is safe and well. If we’re trying to figure out how to get through this together we have to come into it with a sense of positivity and optimism that we will survive this and we will be better for it. We just have to work hard at each one of those steps. All of those things I wanted to present for you, as opportunities for you to engage in additional learning and get more resources. If you’re a CPA or attorney, or anybody that just owns professional services company, look at the two webinars on “The Ten Strategies to Survive the Corona Virus”, as well as “Tech Tips to Working Remotely”. Again CPA’s and attorneys can get that for credit but you have to pre-register for that. And then, we’ve got two general learning webinars. One of them is for how corona virus is going to effect your retirement. And the last on is “Why Estate Planning is Essential”, and those are each about thirty or thirty-five minutes. And, they are available on a regular schedule. They are offering the webinars, find a time that works for you, attend and learn some more. And, if you wanna take advantage of this lull of being home and getting stuff done, especially if you found it difficult to make it to the office for an appointment to get this stuff done but you’re now home. We are completely up and running and ready to work with you to create your estate plan. Either to get your ducks in a row, or to protect assets for the future. As well as looking at your retirement planning, and making sure that you’ve got a plan that can weather all of the volatility and put things in good order. Listen, I hope everything is good with you back where you are. We’re working hard, we’re safe here, and we’ll see you in a couple of weeks on the next “Five Fact Friday”. See ya later!

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