MLG Five Fact Friday – April 24, 2020

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Welcome back to another five fact Friday. As you can see I’m taking advantage of the great weather and recording outside of our offices. And before I get into the links for this week, I did wanna share with you a new tool that we’ve created, that didn’t have another chance to share before the whole crisis happened. So, a little bit earlier in the year we had taken what was like previous bestseller, which was make it last how to get and keep your legal ducks in a row. And we turned it into a nutshell guide. And so, this one’s about a hundred and some odd pages, this is 36 pages, and it still includes all of the important information that we think that you should know prior to doing any estate planning. It really is estate planning in a nutshell. Now, we’ve got a bunch of these in the office, and we also have some links that are available for download, if you prefer to read it on Kindle. So, if you’re interested in receiving a copy, or you know somebody that might be interested in receiving a copy, go ahead and let us know about that, because we would love to send a copy out to you. All you have to do is reply to the email, or let somebody know. We’ll send out a copy of this ones. This is a lot easier to read, a little thinner off of it. Happy to send that out to anybody that you think would appreciate receiving that information. Now, let’s get to the links for this week. Now, our first link about what I’m reading, the world has taken over meetings by zoom, and so you’ve heard this over and over again, but did you know that you could have a relationship by zoom. New York just passed a law that said that you can get married virtually. So, it’s as simple as saying I do or in some cases I don’t. So, have you heard of zumping, zumping is dumping somebody by Zoom. Great article thought you might enjoy reading that. Now, as for what I’m watching, those of you that know me, know that I am a big Disney fan, in fact I’m missing the fact that Disney World is closed. For some reason I long going there even more, knowing that they’re not open, but I got my taste of Disney recently, ’cause Disney hosted a sing-along, and in fact I’m including a link to the replay, if you happen to miss it last week. Now, what’s great about this is, for those of you know the old fashioned sing-along. There used to be a dot, that would bounce along to the words that you were singing, and of course in true Disney fashion, the dot is the Mickey ears moving along. So, look out for that and enjoy singing along to some of Disney’s greatest hits. Next one after that on what’s my home screen, I’ve been talking to my kids who are home in the morning doing their schoolwork, but available in the afternoon. And I’ve said to them what skill are you gonna develop as a consequence of this coronavirus stay at home order. What do you gonna come out, I have perfected, added, done something new. How are you gonna better yourself? And so, what I’ve included is a link, to a way for you to learn a new skill. For some of my kids, they’re getting a lot better at basketball, other ones I’m gonna take a look at master class, they might take on photography. We all have a great opportunity to make something good of what’s going on here, and you should do that as well. There’s two more links to share with you, the first one is what is new and legal. Governor ended up signing nine new laws into place including, the remote Notarization law. People have asked me, or you’re still doing estate planning? Are you still busy? I tell you we’ve never been busier. People are calling all the time to update their state planning and their retirement plan. And the fact that we can do plans by remote Notarization is only added to our ability to service our clients, but there are also new laws that were passing. You might enjoy reading that. And then finally, new in retirement, a lot of people planned their retirement around their travel. And going out different places in retirement, seeing the world. Well, you know what, we have an opportunity for you to be an armchair traveler. Whether you’ve got five minutes, or five hours, we’ve included a link for you to be able to travel the world, even though you’re stuck at home. So, those are our links for this week, don’t forget if you’ve got somebody that might want the nutshell guide. Let us know about that, we’d be happy to send those out. Otherwise, enjoy what you can out of this. Make something great out of the time that you’re spending at home. We’ll catch it in a couple of weeks, bye-bye.


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