MLG Five Fact Friday – April 10, 2020

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It’s Victor Medina, and welcome back to another Five Fact Friday. As you can see, we’re recording from outside our office. We’re still on lockdown meaning that most of our team is working remotely but I’ve got a great camera setup over here so I thought we’d shoot outside. It’s a little drizzly out today, but you know what, I’m gonna take advantage of any opportunity to be outside that I can. Listen, before I jump into the facts for this week and various links that I wanna share with you, I wanna kind of relate a little bit of the experience that I’ve had for the last couple weeks. So for the last couple weeks I’ve been reaching out to our clients and setting up some check-in calls. Now some of you have received some calls from my parents, setting these up, and just to let you know the reason for that is they’re staying at my house for free so I figure they gotta earn their keep some how and so one of the ways we’re doing that is putting them to work by scheduling these check-in calls but here’s the thing that I wanted to share with you, I have been struck by the number of calls that I’ve had with people that have shared what their community is doing to support them. So I was reaching out just to make sure that everyone was okay, and story after story came out of the number of people around them that were also checking in with them. And so I thought that was so heart-warming to know that the community is reaching out in a time of need like this. It doesn’t stop with the calls that I’ve had or even this video, if you have something that you need, if there’s some way that we can help, please let us know because we’re here to serve and we’re looking forward to the opportunity to serve you as well. So let me get into the links for this week and the first one about what I’m reading, look I’m gonna be a little bit bias because this link actually comes from my alma mater, I went to Tufts University. I am a proud Jumbo. And one of the things that they’re talking about is the opportunity to diagnose a heart attack on a chip and using that to be able to come up with treatment options and so it’s an innovation that they’ve come out with and I think it was a really interesting article about the way people are advancing medical science in that way. The second link about what I’m watching is an absolutely hilarious video. Look, we all try our hardest and sometimes we’re not meant to do certain things that we would love to do. The video that I’m sharing with you is about a service dog named Ryker, who hilariously fails his final test. I encourage you to watch that one. On my home screen, you know, with all of the struggles about people being at home and staying at home, it can create a lot of anxiety in people and so I want to share with you some links about mindfulness and meditation that can help you achieve a certain amount of calm in your life. So you might wanna check those out as well. Now the two final links in legal and retirement or financial, the first one on legal, with everyone staying at home, some of the challenges about executing legal documents are creating practical challenges and New Jersey and Pennsylvania have each come up with some new laws to make that happen. So for instance, in Pennsylvania, they have now created the opportunity to have e-signature for documents, and New Jersey, they’ve passed a law to create remote notarization. And so if you’re looking to update or put in place estate-planning documents, you can use these methodology. In fact, we’ve been using it in our office this week very successfully as we’re putting in new plans for different people. And finally in retirement it’s kind of interesting to watch what people impulse buy. Sticking at home has created opportunities for people to do shopping. But not shopping in their normal way. It’s almost like an all food economy and so the question then becomes, what do we do and what do we spend money on, impulse buying. I actually had a friend of mine that impulse bought a hamster. I’m not sure that I would do the same thing ’cause there’s seven people in my house as it is, I’m not really sure we’re gonna invite anything living into the house. They’re already eating us out of house and home. I’m kidding. I’m happy that they’re all there and I’m grateful for the opportunity to spend time with them. But you might enjoy the link. Reading about what people are impulse buying. Now before I leave you, I’m gonna reference one more additional link in here. It’s to a video that I recorded earlier this week about three things that I am doing with my clients as I check in. Those people that are financial services clients who are doing investment management and retirement management, I recorded a video about three different questions that I’m engaging them with and I’m asking them about because this is the first time in about 10 years that we’ve seen the kind of market volatility we’re seeing. So we wanna check in and make sure that we’re still on track with the plan that we have. Do you have a plan? That’s the real question. And if not, you should get one in place. So that’s it. These are the five facts for this week. I hope everyone’s staying safe and sane. If there’s anything that we can do, reach out to us at Medina Law Group. Otherwise we’ll catch you in a couple weeks. Bye-bye.