Michael Jackson & Estate Planning – The Time is Now.

It’s been less than 24 hours since Michael Jackson’s death, and already there have been articles posted on the Internet about the singer’s estate plan.

MSNBC posted this article, concluding that the singer’s estate would not be settled without controversy.

I feel passionately enough about what I do for a living to take advantage of this emotional time to remind people how important it is to do estate planning NOW. Every time there is a celebrity death, especially when it comes as suddenly as Michael Jackson’s came, people on the news reflect how uncertain life is. And, we remind each other how little time we actually have.

In the end, what we pass on from generation-to-generation is not about money and finances that we leave behind. True, comprehensive estate planning is about capturing and transitioning your entire wealth. This includes non-financial assets, such as a your intellectual, spiritual, and emotional assets.

If it turns out that no complete estate plan was in place for Michael Jackson, the loved ones that he’s left behind will be rudderless and shortchanged because of a failure to preplan.

I honestly believe that I have an obligation, a moral obligation, to help people get their lives in order. The sense of accomplishment and peace of mind that happens when a comprehensive plan is in place is very valuable to my clients.

So, I’m going to remind people visiting the website, that you can sign up for a free report on the six mistakes to avoid when selecting an estate planning attorney. There it is a gift in that report that should help you move past procrastination towards the state where your affairs are in order, your mind is at rest with the knowledge that you have left guidance for your loved ones in case the unthinkable happens.

The Time is Now.

Posted by Victor J. Medina
Medina, Martinez & Castroll