Man Launches Website to Store Estate Planning Documents

Even if you spend the time meeting with your estate planning attorney and follow up annually to make changes, it can be frustrating for your loved ones to have no idea where to look for your final wishes when you pass away. It can also be a mistake to include your burial instructions with your estate planning documents like a will, since these may not be uncovered until it’s too late for your family to do anything about it.

One Phoenix man is launching a website where you can safely store your critical documents to allow loved ones access if you pass away. Many people keep a copy of these documents with their attorney and in a safe deposit box, but this system is not foolproof. The inventor of the site, for example, worried about next steps if something happened to his attorney and if he and his wife were in an accident together, rendering access to the safe deposit box impossible.

That’s why he designed DocumentTrunk. The algorithm running the software scours the internet for obituary details and flags situations in which one of the company’s customers may have passed away. A staff member is then sent out to determine whether or not the individual in question has passed away.

If the staff member determines that the person has passed away, then staff reaches out to the family members to provide access to those documents quickly.

Since a good portion of people conduct estate planning with the goal of minimizing challenges for their loved ones in the future, it’s a good idea to have a place where you can store your documents so family members can get access when necessary. This increases the chances that your wishes will be respected, too.

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