When It Makes Sense to Name a Child’s Guardian in Addition to Establishing a Trust


In the event that someone you have selected to serve as your child’s guardian may not be an appropriate money manager, you may wish to establish a trust to manage the child’s assets.

Even in the situation in which a guardian may not be a poor money manager, you may wish to establish a trust anyways. This should be considered particularly for anyone who has a special needs child or significant assets to leave behind. A trust can accomplish several different important roles, including:
• Managing a spendthrift child’s problems
• Distributing property beyond age 18, if this is something you wish to do
• Managing the property for the child such as certificate of deposit rollovers and stocks

The trustee that you choose may be a corporate institution or an individual. The guardian will be responsible for receiving reports from the trustees on minimum a quarterly basis and many will also be involved in preparing and submitting the child’s income tax returns.

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