Make It Last – Ep 119 – Legal Risks of Living Together Unmarried After 50, Self Directed Investments, & Pension Buy-Outs

A potpourri of topics this week. In this episode, Victor explains the legal risks of living together, unmarried, after age 50. Estate planning laws favor couples who are married so what does that mean for everyone else? Then, Victor discusses an article that talks about the difference between people who are self directed in their investments and those who work with an advisor. Finally, Victor finishes the show with whether a pension buy-out is right for you.

Listen to the episode here!

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Make It Last with Victor Medina is hosted by Victor J. Medina, an estate planning and Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) and Certified Financial Planner professional (CFP). Through his law firm and independent registered investment advisory company, Victor provides 360º Wealth Protection Strategies for individuals in or nearing retirement.

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