Hey – Check Me OUT! – I’m a Faculty Member at Solo Practice University

The Solo Practice University just announced their newest member of the faculty and it turns out….it’s me!

Yup, here’s the substantive copy:

Victor Medina is the managing partner of a small law firm run entirely on Mac computers and Apple products. He will teach a course entitled “Macs In the Law Office” at Solo Practice University™.

Victor focuses his practice on representing public school districts and families in crisis. He serves as general counsel for many families, handling the gamut of special education, estate planning and closely-held company matters. He is also assists many young families with protecting their kids and their family’s wealth.

Victor has professional training in psychology and law. He served as a full law clerk with The Hon. Alvin W. Thompson of the United States District Court in Hartford, CT. Prior to starting his own firm, he worked with two multi-national law firms in Boston and Princeton, handling business transactions.

A self-described technophile, Victor serves as the host and moderator of MILO Chat Weekly, a semi-regular podcast for Mac-using lawyers and other folks interested in the business application of Macs and Apple products.

Victor also maintains several blogs, substantive and not. His personal blog is Another Thing To Do. He maintains legal-related blogs at New Jersey Estate Planning, New Jersey Divorce & Family Law and New Jersey Education Law.

So, it turns out that I will be the Mac Guru for all of the newly minted students at the Solo Practice University. If I knew who my Windows counterpart was, I’d probably start goading them into some childish bet, but I’m above that.

In all seriousness, I’m going to be teaching a phenomenal course that will be instructive for new and old Mac-users alike. If you’re an attorney who has been toying with getting a computer system in that works, well now’s the time. Enroll in the Solo Practice University just for the Mac portion because I promise to get you rolling in your practice without any hiccups.

I’m excited about my association with SPU and encourage anyone interested to learn more at Solo Practice University.