Frequently Asked Questions About New Jersey Medicaid

1.3 million New Jersey residents are currently receiving Medicaid benefits. Additionally, as a recent article explains, the initiation of the Obamacare health exchange caused a 35 percent surge in new Medicaid applications. As more New Jersey residents are added to the Medicaid rolls, it is important that they understand the basic principles of coverage. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning New Jersey Medicaid.

Is there a limit on how long I can receive Medicaid long-term care? No. Fortunately, there is no limit placed on how long a qualifying individual can receive Medicaid benefits. Most commonly, individuals will receive Medicaid benefits for multiple years of care, and the benefits will cease at his or her death.

I’ve been approved for benefits, when will they begin? The timeline for Medicaid applications and benefits can vary greatly. Individuals should inquire as to the anticipated timeline when submitting their initial application for benefits. Potentially, benefits may begin up to 3 months prior to the approval of an application.

What if I don’t apply? If you are denied benefits, you are not barred from re-applying. Speak with an attorney about the process of Medicaid planning. Through Medicaid planning, a person can carefully arrange his or her assets so that he or she will qualify for coverage.