Five Fact Friday – June 19, 2020

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So we’re coming up on the only holiday where the people who celebrate it only want one thing, to be left alone. That’s right, it’s Father’s Day. I’m Victor Medina, and this is Five Fact Friday.

You know, before I get into the links for this week, I did want to take a moment and acknowledge all of the people that reached out after the video that we sent out last week. If you don’t remember, I sent out a quick video just talking about some of the struggles that I’ve had personally dealing with racial inequality and specifically some of the struggles that I’ve been wrestling with about how to educate my kids around that topic. Well some of you were really, really appreciative about what I shared and really kind to share your thoughts back with me, let me know how much you appreciated being able to watch me share my thoughts on that. And I just have to say thank you. That gesture of kindness was something that I didn’t expect, and enough of you reached out to let me know that it was the right thing to do to share that message. So thank you very much, and let’s get to the links for this week.

First, in terms of what I am reading, it is Father’s Day, and so I found a couple of links that shared the way that people celebrate Father’s Day across the globe and I thought that you might enjoy reading about that. There are some interesting ways that people do that.

Next, as to what I am watching, I’ll tell ya, we’re not traveling very much these days, and one of my favorite places to go is Europe. I’m just fascinated by the architecture on that. Well I found a link of an individual that ended up putting together a time lapse photography of Amsterdam. Now Amsterdam is a gorgeous city and if you have an opportunity, I think that you’d really enjoy clicking on that link and watching the time lapse photography of, the person who took that photo, of his favorite city, his hometown.

Next, as to what is on my home screen, I want to share a link to a social media page on Instagram. Now you know, the coronavirus has inspired a lot of creativity in the people around us, and one of the things that I came across was a channel that was dedicated to sidewalk chalk art that a mom and her daughter were doing. This stuff is incredible. I mean, the way that they put together three-dimensional photographs, three-dimensional art that they’re doing in the chalk, it’s mindblowing. I couldn’t imagine doing that. It’s all on a flat surface. I think you’d be fooled, as well.

And then we’ve got two other links with legal and financial. The first one is, it can be very difficult having people who are your parents also be people that you care about getting estate planning done. So I found a link about a way to introduce the topic to them so they can learn a little bit more about why it’s important to do and that you have some tools to talk to them about why they should put their estate plan in place.

And then finally, about what’s new in retirement. The coronavirus and the pandemic stay-at-home has caused a lot of people to have to dip into their retirement savings in a way that they didn’t expect. Well, what’s going to be the impact of that? Well, they still make it through retirement. Now the people that work with us already have a plan to get through retirement. In fact, when we set up, the way that their investments were positioned, it was with an eye towards a day like today where things weren’t gonna be as rosy as they’ve been for the last 10 years. But if you’re searching for ways that this retirement dip or dipping into retirement might affect your retirement plans or how to get through it, I think that this article would be a good place to start about not only why was it impacting your retirement, but steps that you can take to end up getting better at the end.

So those are our five links for this week. Link number one, Father’s Day links from across the globe. Link number two, watching Amsterdam on time lapse. Link number three, sidewalk chalk art. And then finally, how to talk to your parents about estate planning and what to do if you dipped into your retirement savings due to the pandemic.

Well that’s it for this Five Fact Friday. I want to wish all of the fathers out here a happy Father’s Day. I’m both in a fantastic position being a father of three boys as well as the son of two fathers, and so I have lots of reasons to really be joyful on this Father’s Day Sunday. I’ve learned so much from my fathers, and I can’t imagine my life not having been raised by both of them. So many skills, so much love imparted. All I think to do is be half as good of a father to my boys as they were to me. So, to my dads that are out there, happy Father’s Day and to all the other dads out there, have a great day. You won’t be able to watch the U.S. Open, but hopefully they’ll leave you alone the entire day long. Catch you in a couple weeks, bye bye.