Five Fact Friday – January 18, 2021

Painting half your wrench red, youngest inaugural poet in history, grilled cheese & tomato soup… all in this week’s Five Fact Friday!

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What does painting one of the sides of your tools red have to do with productivity and organization? Would you like to more? Stick with us because I’m Victor Medina and this is Five Fact Friday.

Hey everybody, welcome back to Five Fact Friday. This is the only video newsletter produced by Medina Law Group and Palante Wealth Advisors, your one-stop shop for retirement planning. And I wanna welcome all the new YouTube subscibers who are watching this video. In fact, this is part of the Medina Retirement Planning channel where talked about how to make sure that you have peace of mind in retirement, and we produce videos all the time that help you with that. So if you’re a new visitor, we encourage you to hit the subscribe button, hit the like button and share this with a friend.

Now every other week we talk about the top five links that I think are interesting. And the first link that I want to talk about is ‘What I am reading.’ And that is a link that talks about the best comfort food in each of the 50 states. You know it’s getting colder outside. And I gotta tell you that a cup of tomato soup, and grilled cheese is probably my go-to comfort food in cold weather. What is it for you, I’d be interested to learn. If you’d like to know what it is for each of the 50 states, check out the link.

The second link is ‘What I’m watching.’ And recently we had the Joe Biden inauguration where there was a poem read by Amanda Gorman. Now what’s great about this poem, by the way, is you’re gonna wanna watch how she reads the poem. It’s one thing for you to read the text and it’s very well written as a poem. But it’s something entirely different to watch her recite it, it made me wanna quit as a writer, her turns of phrases are just gorgeous and beautiful. And she’s so composed in reading this wonderful piece that she has written about democracy. It’s entitled “The hill we climb.” And I’m gonna encourage you to watch the video but recognize as you’re watching it, that she finished writing it between the riots on the Capitol in January 6 and the night before the inauguration. You’d want to talk about cramming for an exam, there is a saying in writing that says “Nothing is ever done, you’ve just run out of time.” And it was clearly the case for this. But oh my goodness, how well she did.

The next link is ‘What’s new in Tech.’ And it’s actually what I teased at the beginning of the video, which is a link to a video by Adam Savage who is the person behind MythBusters as somebody who basically created sets and did different things in design. But he’s a builder by nature. And he’s a little bit of a kind of crazy guy. But he goes through a video about why he’s painting one side of one of his tools, red. And his point in the video is to talk about there’s two different levels of organization and productivity. Sometimes organization is simply where you put something, but it’s sometimes it’s where your brain thinks it should be. And if you really wanna meet kind of ultimate efficiency, you should probably think about both kinds of organization is a lot of fun to watch the videos about 19 minutes or so. But it’s worth checking out as he talks about some of the theory behind why he’s doing what he’s doing. Plus, you get to see a guy work with power tools, which is always fun.

The next link is ‘What’s new in legal.’ And it’s a link to the news article about the IRS delaying the start of the returns that they’re going to be processing. So normally they start earlier in the year, mid January. But they let an alert out to let you know that they weren’t gonna start processing the returns until February. Now, unfortunately, they didn’t extend the time that you have to file your return. So they’re still due on April 15. But if you’d like to know how to maximize how you get your refund at any point in time, that article helps you learn about it.

And the final link is ‘What’s new in retirement.’ And it’s a link that talks about how retirees have increased the amount of debt that they’ve had in response to the pandemic. Now, in some cases, this is just because people didn’t have enough to get into retirement in the first place and the pandemic really hurt them. In other cases, though, it’s because the people failed to have a plan about how they were gonna use their money specifically, if there was a decline in stock market values like there was in March of 2020. For people who didn’t have a plan that could help them weather that kind of volatility. They needed to get into some debt in order for them to maintain their quality of life. ‘Cause one of the things that we think is a very important landmine for you to avoid, we really believe that you should have a plan in retirement. And our plan covers four areas that would help control for what happened in the pandemic.

We cover areas that are related to your investments, your income, your taxes, and your legacy or estate planning. We think that it’s important to have a plan in each one of those areas for you to have a successful retirement. And if you don’t have one of those plans currently, it would be a good idea to reach out to us so that we can help you create a plan so that you can have a lot of confidence about your success in retirement.

So let’s recap the links for this week. The first link is ‘What I’m reading’ which is a link to all the comfort foods in each of the 50 states. ‘What I am watching’ which is a link to the five and a half minute video of Amanda Gorman reciting her poem. ‘What’s new in Tech’ is Adam Savage from MythBusters painting one side of his wrench red for a reason I think is interesting for you to watch. ‘What’s new in legal’ is the delay of the start of the processing of income tax returns and ‘What’s new in retirement’ more retirees getting into debt because of the pandemic.

So listen, one of the things that I wanna leave you with is we’re launching a client ambassador program where we’re gonna be recognizing those clients that have sent their family and friends to us. And the qualifying period for that is going to be launching from the past year until about May 1. So stay tuned for more details about that program, including what we name it and the logo around it. But if you’re interested in qualifying for that program, one of the things you can do is begin to send friends and family our direction. There may be somebody that you think that we can help maybe even around one of the plans that we talked about in that last segment to make sure that they’ve got ultimate confidence about their success in retirement and we would honor the opportunity to work with them to have them have a great secure, comfortable retirement and the opportunity to help you that way as well. Well listen, those are the links for this week. Again, if you’re a new subscriber, make sure you hit the subscribe button that’s on the screen and hit the like button or the thumbs up button to make sure that YouTube algorithm knows this is a good video to share with other people. There’s also a share button on there as well. So if you’ve got a friend who might be interested in this link, and being a subscriber to our channel for the future, share the video with them and we’ll catch you in a couple weeks, bye bye.