Five Fact Friday – January 15, 2021

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Do you have somebody under age 20 that does nothing but watch YouTube videos all the time? Well, I have a way for you to finally relate to them. What am I talking about? You gotta stick around, because I’m Victor Medina, and this is the first “Five Fact Friday” of 2021.

Hey everybody, welcome back to “Five Fact Friday.” This is the first one of the year 2021, and we’re coming out with a bang. I started the intro to this video talking about whether or not you had somebody in your life that does nothing but watch YouTube videos, and I wanted to give you an opportunity to relate to them, because we are launching our YouTube channel in earnest in 2021, and I need your help. If you’re watching this video because you are on our distribution list on email, you might notice that the link is now taking you over to YouTube, because we have a big, hairy, audacious goal for 2021. What they call a bee hag, and it’s to climb to over 10,000 subscribers in the year 2021.

So if you’re not a subscriber of our YouTube channel, now’s the time to start. There’s a button, it’s either over here or over here, or somewhere on the video that you get to click. And this way, not only will you get these “Five Fact Fridays,” notified when you’re subscribed to it, but you’ll also get a series of other videos that we’re producing. We’re actually doing videos nearly daily. We’re gonna talk about Tech Tip Tuesdays, or Wednesday Wisdom, or Lawyer Amusing. We’ve got all kinds of topics, anywhere between three to five minutes where we’re gonna enlighten you on something different. All you got to do is be a subscriber. And by the way, if you like the video, do two things for us. Make sure you hit the thumbs up button on that particular video, as well as sharing the video with a friend. We can’t get to 10,000 all by ourselves, but we can climb to over a thousand immediately if everybody who receives this video becomes a subscriber.

So listen, let’s get to the links for this week. It has been a topsy-turvy two weeks of the year. It still feels like it’s 2020. In fact, I saw a meme out there that 2021 just said to the year 2020, “Hold my beer,” because we came out like a gangbusters. All right, so let’s get to the links for this week.

What I’m reading, and it is a link about the top national parks ranked across the US. Now, if you didn’t get a chance to see it, there’s actually a PBS special by Ken burns that ranked all of them. And that was really nice. They didn’t rank them. They visited all of them. And it was really nice, but actually it was a companion documentary that talked about the lodges of the national park. Both of those things are fascinating, and I actually have a goal about taking my kids out west to visit some of the more majestic national parks that are out there.

The next link is what I’m watching, and it’s a video that tests electronic bikes, but they’re not E-bikes like you would imagine. They’re actually manufactured by Harley Davidson. Now, Harley Davidson is typically associated as being with loud motorcycles. You know when the Harley Davidson gang is in town. You can hear them coming. But these electronic bikes, they’re silent, these electronic motors. But it’s really interesting how much they’ve invested in this technology. The E-bikes themselves, in what you see in the video, they’re gorgeous. And by all accounts, they work really, really well. There’s only one downside to them. They’re about $5,000. But it’s a great video to watch regardless. It’s a direction that the future is going.

The next link is what’s new in tech, and it’s actually a report about the Hubble telescope watching about six different galaxies colliding. And remember, one of the greatest conceptual things about what we see in the sky is, it’s time time-travel. This is stuff that has already happened, depending how far away this is, this is can be thousands and thousands of years in the past, if not a millennium in the past. But I want you to encourage you to check out that link and watch six galaxies collide.

The next link is what’s new and legal, and it’s a report about what kind of tax planning, specifically legal planning around your tax planning that you should do based on the results of the Georgia election. We anticipate that there are going to be a number of law changes that are gonna be coming down the road, because so much power is residing with the Democrats. They own the White House, the house of representatives, and by virtue of the tie breaker by the vice-president, the Senate as well. So in the next two years, there’s a lot of opportunity for them to change the laws, and it’s probably gonna impact your planning. We encourage you to reach out and see how that is, and watch the YouTube channel to see new webinars and things that would help you learn what kind of planning you need to have done.

The final link is what’s new in retirement, and that is a list of the best retirement states. And number one is probably a surprising pick. It’s actually a neighbor of ours for a long time, Delaware was known as a corporate Haven. It was a place to companies would register, because the bankruptcy laws were in their favor, but it’s actually now the number one retirement state. So you could just go over the border, just move down the street a little bit, and then you could stay with the same great weather that we have here in the Northeast.

Well, listen, instead of recapping the videos, I wanted to take this last moment in our video to encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube channel. We’re gonna be pushing out more and more content, and it’s gonna be a great strategy around it. And it’s gonna be of tremendous value to you. So if you are not already a subscriber, please do us a favor and hit the subscribe button on this video. Again, the button is somewhere around here. Hit a like on that, because it tells the YouTube algorithms that we’re producing something valuable, and make sure you share with a friend. We cannot get to 10,000 subscribers without your help. In fact, we can get to a 1,000 if everybody who’s watching this hits the subscribe button today. So welcome back to 2021. We’re looking forward to producing more and more video for you, and we’ll catch you in the next one. Bye bye.