Five Fact Friday – February 12, 2021

Valentine’s Day Gifts, budget relief, procrastination & more! All in this week’s Five Fact Friday

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You know, every time I wear one of these [masks], it makes it impossible for me to open my phone. Well, there might be a solution and if you’d like to know what it is, stick with us for the links because I’m Victor Medina, and this is Five Fact Friday.

Hey, everybody, welcome back to Five Fact Friday, I’m your host, Victor Medina and this Five Fact Friday is hosted on the Medina Retirement Planning Channel. It’s a YouTube channel where you can make sure that you have peace of mind in retirement getting all your legal ducks in a row and your financial nest egg secure.

Now before I jump into the links for this week, I did want to let you know that we are offering a service at Medina law group by updating your advanced healthcare directive specifically to include COVID related provisions. It’s a change that updated of course in response to the pandemic. And if you have an advanced healthcare directive that you would like updated to include specific provisions around trial treatments and having your agent being able to communicate with healthcare providers over zoom because they may be quarantined as well, it might be worthwhile reaching out to us to get that document done. In fact, if you’re not a client of ours and you would like that document you can still reach out to us for it. We have a video explaining the entire process.

Now let’s get to the links for this week. And the first link is what I’m reading and the link it has to do with Valentine’s day. It is Valentine’s day weekend and we found a link that will help you shop for last minute gifts that are appropriate when you’re at a stay at home order. So look, it’s Friday. I don’t know that this is exactly going to get there in time but it might be a makeup gift that you’re going to have to send for Valentine’s day. Either way, I encourage you to follow the link and check out some of the cool gifts that are on there.

The next link is what I’m watching. And quite honestly, I didn’t get around to looking at it because it’s a link about how to overcome procrastination. I figured I was just going to do it later. All kidding aside, if you have struggled with procrastination in any form you might actually enjoy watching the video that’s related to the link on the, what I’m watching line.

The next one is, what’s new in tech? And it’s related to my opening for the video. You know, we’ve been frustrated, those of us who have to wear masks and open our phone. I find that for me it’s the worst time to do is when I go shopping and I have to open up my list, my grocery list and I’m fumbling around and I can’t see it in the mask and now my glasses are fogging up. It’s a big old mess but we actually have a solution for you but there’s a couple of steps that you have to do if you’re an iPhone owner, nor did it get it up and going. This is part of their beta software program. And so what you need to be able to do is enroll. If you want it right now, you’ve got to enroll your phone and your Apple watch in their beta profile program. If you do that, then you will get the software that they’re working on for the next iteration, not the brand new one but just like the next incremental change. You’ll be able to get that on your phone right now. And being able to open the phone, the phone will recognize that you’re wearing a mask and if you’ve got your Apple watch on and unlocked it will open the phone for you even though you’re wearing a mask. Now, listen, may be a little bit technologically advanced for some of you and if you don’t want to install, they paid a profile, that’s okay, just know that that beta profile will become the new software eventually and you will be able to unlock your phone when you have a mask on as long as you’ve got an Apple watch. So really excited for that.

What’s new in legal is an article that talks about the way the Democrats have gotten together to push ahead the legislation that paves the road for the Biden administration’s $1.9 trillion COVID relief plan. Now you may have been seeing this as being related to the increase from $600 payment to a $2,000 total payments. So probably be an extra $1,400 that you’re going to be receiving, but stay tuned because there are going to be a lot of changes. The Biden administration has wasted no time in taking action to reverse a lot of the things that were going on in the prior administration as well as paving the way for new legislation specifically responding to the pandemic. So we’re going to keep you informed about that and you know, that this is the one place that you can turn to that if there are changes to the tax laws specifically in and around an income or state taxes that we’ll be right on that for you as well.

The final link for this week, what’s new in retirement. Well, it’s actually people that are un-retiring. There are a lot of nurses that are coming out of retirement to assist with the administration of vaccines to get more and more of the population vaccinated. I find it fascinating that those that have served and helped others like nurses find it a very easy thing for them to do to come out of retirement, to continue to help others. I’m always in awe of people who are in the service of others as part of what they do.

So let’s recap the links for this week. What I’m reading is a last minute shopping for Valentine’s day. What I’m watching is a video about procrastination. Actually, I’m not watching it, I’m going to watch it later. What’s new in tech are beta software for your iPhone and your Apple watch that will allow you to unlock the phone while you’re wearing your mask. What’s new and legal, is a review of the legislation that paves the way for the $1.9 trillion relief package. And then finally, what’s new in retirement, nurses coming out of retirement to assist with the administration of vaccines.

Listen that’s it for Five Fact Friday, but I do want to let you know two things first at the beginning of this video we do have a new service that updates your advanced healthcare directive to include COVID related provisions. And if you’re interested in that you should reach out to us.

And finally, we’re always open for client referrals and we’re launching an ambassador program. So if you’d like to be able to be included in that as we launch it for this spring you can start to earn credits to work by referring clients to us in the near future. We’ve got openings on our calendar and we would love the opportunity to meet with people that you care about to help put a great plan in place. Whether it’s in financial retirement planning or it’s in legal retirement planning or both, we’re here to help you out and help them out as well and we would appreciate the opportunity to meet with them. That’s it for this Five Facts Friday have a great Valentine’s day and we will catch you in a couple of weeks. Bye bye.