Five Fact Friday – August 6, 2021

Watch this week’s Five Fact Friday for some great links around the Olympics, Amazon devices & more…

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I went with the closeup lens just to let you know that apparently I have lost my razor, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have five great links for you, so stick with us because I’m Victor Medina, and this is Five Fact Friday.

Hey everybody, welcome back to Five Fact Friday, I’m so glad you can join us. Apparently I’ve made the decision that since I can’t grow hair up here, I’m going to grow hair over here. This is an extended vacation beard. And in fact, I’m going to be going on vacation in a couple of weeks, and I’ll leave a couple of videos for you while I’m gone, but I think the beard is going to stay.

I have actually five great links for you, before I jump into that, I want to let you know that we just held the two incredible seminars at Seasons 52, and they were chalk full of people who wanted to learn more about taxes, trusts, and retirement, and I was really happy to have an opportunity to meet with all of them. So if you want to get on the list for the next set of seminars that are coming up this fall, reply to this email and let us know so we can make a special invitation to you. Now, there is a limited space off of it, so we’re going to talk to you about whether or not you can come based on who’s already registered, but we would like to put you at the front of the list, all you have to do is let us know that you are in fact interested. So let’s get to the links for this week, and it’s all about the Olympics.

The first link is what I am reading, and it is a link about the lack of preparation time for the Olympic beach volleyball team and how, despite the fact that they weren’t able to practice together due to the Corona virus concerns, they’re doing okay. Now I may not look like a beach volleyball player at all of 5’6″, but I actually spent a lot of time playing beach volleyball. Now my technique was pretty simple. I did not get up over the net very much, but I was very strategic about where I placed the ball. I was a pretty good setter. And we just had to make sure that I was the guy that was setting the ball as often as possible so that the guy I was playing with could absolutely slam it home.

All right, the next link is what I’m watching and we’re still on the Olympics. There’s a brand new Olympic sport called sport climbing. Now, if you’ve ever been to a rock climbing facility, you’ve watched people sort of make their way up the wall, being supported by ropes and thought, well, that looks like fun exercise, but in sport climbing, they’re actually making their way up in our hurry. It’s actually just all about the time and how quickly you can get up there. So if you thought it was bad enough trying to climb without being in competition, imagine doing it at a time to pace with somebody either chasing behind you in terms of the clock running, or you chasing yourself on the time that you know that you can come up. And the thing about it is it’s not like the course is something that you run over and over again. It’s not like a track and field where the 400 meter is just the same loop, the rocks are placed differently, and so you have to navigate your way up as you’re climbing and also do it with speed. So it takes a lot of finger dexterity. I’ve done it once at my kid’s birthday party. I was glad to make it to the top, and I was glad to make it back down, and I was sore for at least five days. z


The next link is what’s new in tech, and you’re going to be so happy for this if you’re tired of saying, Hey, Alexa, and wondering whether or not the thing is going to respond, or even just have somebody in your family named Alexa, my sister-in-law is named Alexa and every time there’s a phone call with Alexa and we call her by name, so do everything in my house, chirp up and want to answer. Well, there’s a new name for Alexa. Are you ready for it? It’s Ziggy. Yep, you can start calling all of your Alexa devices Ziggy. All you have to do is go into the settings and update it. Now I’m not sure whether or not Ziggy is any better than Alexa, but I certainly think that it’s better than “hey computer,” which makes me think of the 2000 Odyssey, Hal problem that went in there. If the computer, if I’m talking to it, it’s a little too realistic. I think it’s going to take over my life and maybe set the whole house on fire, I don’t know, but I don’t think I want to call it Ziggy, but you can, all you have to do is update the setting.

The next is what’s new in legal, and just listen to this. I have been preaching for forever that everybody needs a power of attorney. I’ve written a book on it. Apparently not everybody’s listening to me. So I’m going to give you a link to another lawyer that’s saying exactly the same thing in just about six paragraphs, but how about we make this deal? If you like what you hear there, and you want to know more about legal planning, let me offer to you the opportunity to come get a free copy of the book that I’ve written, “Make it Last, How to Get and Keep your Legal Ducks in a Row.” It’s going to talk about all of these issues, like a power of attorney, advanced healthcare directive, having a trust, having a will, what do you do to avoid probate? What do you do to help protect your assets so that when you leave them behind to your kids, they’re not lost in divorce, it’s everything that we do, but I’m going to give the book to you absolutely free. All you have to do is respond to let us know where it’s going so we can add it to the a list and make sure that we ship it out, or you can come by and pick it up. Just let me know that you’re interested in it, we’d be happy to give it away. I would just feel happier if you’re reading my material than somebody else’s in the internet, but we’ll start with the link and see how far we get with that.

The last link is what’s new in retirement, here’s the thing, death is inevitable, just as taxes are, but here’s the thing, you don’t have to leave a mess behind in your digital world. And so we have link to walk you through how to make sure that after you pass away, the people that are left behind can help navigate your digital life. More and more, there are seniors and retirees online, on social media platforms, logging in, doing their banking online, and when they pass away and they haven’t passed on that information, it can create quite a mess. Actually, the biggest demographic that’s growing on Instagram now is the seniors, you thought I was going to say Facebook but Facebook’s so passe. I mean, I’m still on it, my mom’s still on it, but actually the growing one is Instagram. The real reason for that, by the way, is they love to follow what their grandkids are doing. So my mom follows what my kids are doing. Her Instagram profile is as busy as my kids are. And then my kids are actually off of Instagram, because I think that generation is already onto something else. They won’t tell me what it is so that I don’t follow them onto there, which I can respect because I’m totally unhip. But I know that there’s something else that’s coming and then we’ll follow them to that eventually when they let us in. 4

So let’s recap the links for this week. What I am reading is about the Olympics, specifically, the training that went in for the beach volleyball team and how it was upset by the coronavirus, but yet they’re still doing well. What I’m watching is the new Olympic sport sport climbing. So rock climbing at speed. What’s new in tech is the ability to call your Alexa devices Ziggy. What’s new in legals is the need for a power of attorney and by the way, if you like that article and you want to read more about legal planning, why don’t you pick up a free copy of my book? And then finally, what’s new in retirement, how to pass on your digital assets after you are gone. As a quick reminder, I will be on vacation so the next video that becoming is going to be prerecorded so if I’ve lost all the links and the world is turned upside down, sorry, but I’m going to be on vacation with my wife celebrating 20 years, and we are going to Hawaii, I’m going to tell you all about it in the next video, but meanwhile, if you’re interested in coming to one of our upcoming seminars, then what you can do is go ahead and reply to this email, we’ll put you on the waiting list and let you know when those are scheduled, probably in the middle of September I would say. So if you’re interested in learning more about trusts, taxes, and retirement, let us know all about that. We can’t wait to see you, have a great couple of weeks, catch you next time, bye.