Ep 219: People That Cry Wolf in the Financial World

On this episode:

There are plenty of people in the financial world that are guilty of crying wolf. No matter what is happening, they always preach the same message, which means we have to learn to tune them out.

That’s not always easy, however, and people will often make bad financial decisions because they’ve been influenced by one of these wolf-criers. It’s time to point out the different types of opinions you’ll often find and provide examples of times we’ve seen this happen.

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Specific learning points:

  • How do you deal with people that are always negative about the market. (1:37)
  • What about the person that takes every bit of news and makes it out to be a huge bullish signal. (3:57)
  • The people that always preach about interest rates. (6:22)
  • Advisors that always push the same product no matter what the situation. (9:51)

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