New Jersey Estate Tax in the News Highlights Power of Experienced Lawyer

Don’t fall for the impression that estate planning is something you can approach once and then forget about. All the recent changes to the New Jersey estate tax, which is currently entering a phase out, highlights just why you need an experienced lawyer helping you with your estate planning on an ongoing basis.

Estate tax laws change and require interpretation from a knowledgeable lawyer. These laws might change at the state or federal level and can required anything from an updated form to an entirely new approach towards planning for taxes and protecting your assets. This is a major reason why you need to consult with an experienced attorney now and maintain that relationship over the long run.

Estate tax rules and laws are notoriously complex. Creating the materials once and forgetting about them may lead to confusion or misinterpretation down the road. Your family members could even become embroiled in a legal conflict after you pass away. It’s important to have an estate plan that adapts as your life changes so that you know your tools and plans are always working to carry out your best interests. Using online forms or an outdated estate plan may lead to problems for you and your loved ones, so it’s far better to ensure that you keep your ongoing relationship with a lawyer you can trust.

Thankfully, you can take control of your estate planning today by meeting with a lawyer you can trust. We’re here to help you determine what’s best for you.