COVID-19 Update For Your Advanced Health Care Directive

Hey everybody. It’s Victor Medina with Medina Law Group. You know, as everybody knows, we’ve been battling with COVID and all of the challenges that it brings. One of the things that we’ve been focusing in our office though, is on the advanced healthcare directives. And as most of you know, those are the documents that help you make decisions if you became incapacitated and needed help making healthcare decisions, if you were terminally ill, if you were in a permanently vegetative state, something like that.

Well, based on the needs of a number of clients, we’ve put together a way of modifying the advanced healthcare directive to include a language specific to battling COVID and the language inserts certain provisions about kinds of treatment and also includes provisions related to the administration of a vaccine. And so you might be interested in updating your advanced healthcare directive so that you can control for circumstances in which you might become incapacitated if something were to happen to you with respect to COVID.

Now, you know that we’re not alarmists here and I’m not here to scare anybody or make anybody worried. But if you catch COVID and it turns bad, you know, many people will be either on oxygen therapy or be on a ventilator or something along the line. And they wanna make sure that there has been an adjustment to their advanced health care directive that says, you know, in that circumstance, I really want to be held alive while trial treatments and other things may be administered.

If you wanna make sure that your document has that clarity, then you wanna reach out to us because we have a service that we’ve provided for very low cost in order to be able to update that document and make sure that you have the document that you want with respect to making healthcare decisions if you become incapacitated. If you’re interested in updating your advanced healthcare directive, you should contact us at 609 818 0068. We’ll be happy to walk you through those steps.

Ask for a Lillian Kortepeter and she’ll put you on the calendar, get it done. Now, if you happen to be one of the client care program members, then we’re gonna be updating this for you automatically. It’s one of the benefits of being on the program and so your new documents will already be updated to include that language. But if you’re not in the client care program, and you are concerned about the impact of COVID and what it might do if you became incapacitated and what it means for your health care documents, if you want it to include that additional language, you would have to reach out to us in order to make that change and we are accepting appointments to get that done. So I hope to hear from you soon, either way.

We’ll talk to you soon and stay safe.