Choosing Someone to Help with Home Care

While the majority of questions about family caregiving are extremely complicated, the question of whether or not every home care agency and the people working for them are alike is one of the few that can be answered with a yes or no. There are two primary types of home care services that insurance companies and Medicare cover include skilled care, which is usually administered by a nurse, therapist or social worker, and personal care for those who help with grooming, bathing and other tasks.

These are provided by home health aides who may also be referred to as attendants or personal care workers. Medicare will only pay for a home care worker, personal or skilled, for a short period of time. This is why you and your family members may need to investigate opportunities in your local area to provide for a home care worker to assist a loved one. Looking for a licensed home care agency, a companion agency, a Medicare certified home health agency, or a registry of an employment agency can be a first point of contact.

Make sure that you ask for references and review online information about the company before you hire someone. Getting testimonials and referrals from someone else who has already worked with this person or this agency can give you a lot of peace of mind. When your loved one’s care is hanging in the balance, knowing that you have hired the right person to assist you with this process can be extremely important.

When family members are unable to fill the gap that is provided by a necessity for care for your loved one, taking action quickly and doing all of the appropriate research to select the proper place for you and your loved ones to place a family member is important.  Ready to talk about estate planning or long-term care planning? Contact a lawyer.