The Basics of Establishing a Will

Did you know that in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, one of the most understudied aspects had to do with a lack of appropriate estate planning? The median age of the individuals killed in the World Trade Center attacks was 39. This is an age group that is already less likely to have wills […]

Are There Assets That Shouldn’t Go Inside the Revocable Trust?

Planning ahead for your future likely involves a sit-down meeting with a New Jersey estate planning attorney, and that conversation may include mention of estate planning tools such as a revocable trust. Known for its flexibility, the revocable trust empowers you to maintain control over assets placed inside and the trust itself over the course […]

The Basics of Setting Up a Trust for Estate Planning

A trust is a relationship in which one person’s assets are held inside for the intention of passing on to specific beneficiaries. One of the primary reasons that people choose to use a trust is because the assets no longer belong to a grantor after they have been transferred into the trust. You can also […]

Major Wealth Transition Expected to Occur in Next Few Decades

  An inter-generational transfer of wealth can be extremely complicated and it can be risky for everyone involved. Without proper planning, passing on a large amount of wealth could generate tax and other financial consequences for those receiving the benefits and those passing them on. It is expected that in the next forty years, nearly […]

What Makes Trust Assets Different from a Typical Outright Inheritance?

There are many different reasons why you may choose to pass on assets to your loved ones in a trust. Most people will also leave behind a will that outlines the transfer of their property but a trust has multiple benefits. First of all, you have greater control over the property placed inside a trust as […]

Why You Should Consider the Benefits of a Trust

If you are thinking ahead about accomplishing your estate planning in New Jersey, a trust is one of the most popular tools used to accomplish your goals. There are many different types of trusts that could apply for your individual situation and selecting the right one can be done after you meet with a New […]

Unmarried Couples Need Special Estate Planning Protection

It is a controversial fact, but a fact nonetheless: fewer and fewer people are getting married. Studies consistently show that a growing number of American couples are choosing to stay unmarried. And those that do wed are tending to wait longer before tying the knot, marrying at much older ages than they used to. As […]

Estate Planning Attorneys Are Humans Too… Or Should Be

It’s no secret that lawyers have a reputation for being “sharky.” In fact, a lot of us came up through law school at a time when the legal field tried very hard to fight back against that stereotype — an effort that continues even now. As a result, many of today’s attorneys are actually determined […]

The Importance Of Funding Your Revocable Living Trust

Revocable living trusts are one of the most powerful tools in the estate planner’s toolbox and offer a number of advantages over wills. These include avoiding probate, reducing delays in the distribution of assets, greater control over your assets while you are alive and in the event of incapacity, greater privacy, and more. Unfortunately, many […]