Silicon Valley and the Sandwich Generation: Apps for the Elderly

They call them the sandwich generation: adults who are simultaneously caring for their children and their aging parents. You find “sandwichers” everywhere, from factories to firms, and that includes Silicon Valley — home to the country’s leading tech giants. View image | Reuters recently chronicled Stephanie Tilenius’s journey from her role as Google’s Commerce […]

Will Your Heirs Know Your Passwords When You’re Gone?

Growing up one of my favorite movies was WarGames with Matthew Broderick. One of the scenes in the beginning of the movie is where his character hacks into the school’s computer to change his grade (so he doesn’t have to go to summer school). He looks up the password by checking a paper in the […]

Seniors Should Have Secure Passwords

Recently the Wall Street Journal published this article on passwords, seniors and how easy they are to crack (passwords, not seniors). It reminded me of a funny movie clip (watch it but come back here): As you get more comfortable with living your life on the Internet, you begin to take advantage of things […]

My Post About Steve Jobs

When I heard about Steve Jobs resigning as CEO of Apple, I was in the middle of running rehearsal for the a cappella group of which I am the assistant musical director. I found out the news because my friend, Mark Merenda, had texted me with a simple, “Steve Jobs resigns as CEO”, and I […]

The “Torpedo” Hits New Jersey

I can’t remember a hotter summer in New Jersey than this Summer 2010. With temperatures regularly above 90 degrees, the Medina Clan has been working hard to find ways to stay cool.   Thanks to my wife’s tireless research, we’ve been able to fill the boys’ days with fun, low-cost activities – like Vacation Bible […]