Your Estate Plan and Disabled Children: Things to Keep in Mind

Is it possible that you’ve just assumed you’ll be around for many years to help care for your disabled child? In many cases, parents of children with special needs have become an important component of assisting their child on a daily basis. Without any proper planning, though, the transition for your loved one to manage […]

The Basics of Setting Up a Trust for Estate Planning

A trust is a relationship in which one person’s assets are held inside for the intention of passing on to specific beneficiaries. One of the primary reasons that people choose to use a trust is because the assets no longer belong to a grantor after they have been transferred into the trust. You can also […]

Do I Need a Lawyer to Create a Special Needs Trust?

Although it is mostly common knowledge that any individual can create a special needs trust to help a beneficiary with a sever disability, it can be a mistake to attempt to do this on your own. Certain language is required inside special needs trust that protects these funds and the beneficiary of the trust itself. […]