COVID-19 Update For Your Advanced Health Care Directive

Hey everybody. It’s Victor Medina with Medina Law Group. You know, as everybody knows, we’ve been battling with COVID and all of the challenges that it brings. One of the things that we’ve been focusing in our office though, is on the advanced healthcare directives. And as most of you know, those are the documents […]

Tips for Women to Save for Long-Term Care

Women live longer than men and for this reason face much greater challenges with regards to funding their healthcare needs after retirement. According to a study recently completed by HealthView Services, a 65 year old male who retires in 2017 will spend approximately $200,000 in retirement on healthcare alone. However the cost for a female […]

From Antipsychotics to iPods: The Changing Face of Dementia Treatment

Long-term care resident surveys show that some 70% of dementia patients living in nursing homes exhibit significant psychological or behavioral problems. For years, those symptoms were treated with difficult antipsychotic drug regiments. Today, in a more enlightened age, antipsychotics have fallen into disfavor as a first-line dementia treatment and are less commonly prescribed (though many […]

With Long-Term Care Insurance, There Are No Concrete Rules

When it comes to the future of long-term care, there are really only two things we know for sure: It’s getting more expensive. More and more people are going to need it. That makes long-term care insurance both an item of interest and a risky proposition. That’s essentially the gist of a new article on […]

America’s Nursing Home Shortage: What It Means for You

You may never step foot in a nursing home. That’s the big headline over at CNBC this month. Sounds like good news, right? Well, maybe not, when you consider the reason why you’ll never see the inside of a skilled nursing facility. It’s not so much that you won’t need to… you just won’t be […]

Forbes Gets Nerdy with Numbers, Paints a Scary Picture for Long-Term Care

Forbes says you’d have to a policy wonk or an outright nerd to care about statistical models for long-term care insurance. Well, we’re guilty as charged. But that’s okay — Forbes cops to its nerdy inclination too. Earlier this month, the magazine delved into the latest stats on long-term care in America. The numbers are […]

The Middle Class Struggles to Pay for Long-Term Care

It’s no secret that long-term care is expensive… very expensive. Families often find themselves paying upwards of $100,000 a year (more in many cases) for the care of a single elderly relative. Those that can’t scrounge up that kind of cash ultimately sacrificed just as much in an effort to provide volunteer home care. Naturally, […]

One Upside of Aging: No More Cancer Screenings!

Did you know that many elderly Americans might not need cancer screenings? As it turns out, that’s something many of them don’t know either. The Orlando Sentinel is calling seniors’ attention to that fact, offering it as a sort of silver lining for those who are concerned about the mounting health challenges of old age. […]

What Is Dementia Like Outside the Nursing Home?

Most of the research on dementia patients’ experiences has focused on hospitals and nursing homes. After all, those are the easiest sites to study. But many of America’s dementia patients receive their care in the privacy of their own homes. So what is the experience like for them? View image | GeriPal, a popular […]