Is Your Living Will Flexible?

Many New Jersey residents have executed a living will as part of their estate planning documents. A living will is important, because it informs your loved ones, as well as those providing you with medical care, of your wishes for end-of-life care. As a recent article explains, however, your living will may not be as […]

Ways to Prepare for Disability

By the year 2050, experts estimate that 277 million older Americans will be dependent on another person. This dependence will largely be due to increasing instances of dementia in varying forms. A recent article discusses several things a person can do to protect him or herself from the possibility that he or she will suffer […]

The Importance of Documentation When Family Members Have Dementia

When people are young and healthy, they don’t often take the time to plan for their possible incapacity by executing legal documents including a power of attorney and living will. As a recent article explains, however, these documents should be completed sooner rather than later. These documents are especially important given the fact that a […]

The Living Will: Your Right To Die With Dignity

Due to advances in medical technology, there is a growing possibility that people’s lives will be prolonged against their wishes. For those who would not like their lives to be prolonged indefinitely with various medical instruments, it is vital to provide detailed instructions as to your medical wishes and elect a health care representative. A […]

Essentials of Estate Planning

Estate planning is smart for everyone, without exception. No matter how wealthy or poor, everyone has an estate. Many people falsely assume that, because they are not wealthy, they do not need an estate plan. This could not be further from the truth. A recent article discusses why estate planning is essential for everyone. The […]

End of Life Decisions – A Medical Contract or Legal Document

Is a living will a medical contract or a legal contract? On this blog I’ve often raised the problems with having a non-lawyer do legal work – are there the same problems if lawyers are doing quasi-medical work? Assuming that input from medical professionals is warranted, is consultation with a doctor required or will a […]

The President Has An Estate Plan – How About You?

President Barack Obama has been making the rounds across the country to promote his health care initiatives. One of the places where President Obama showed up was an online forum sponsored by the AARP. In his response to a question about a proposed health care bill, President Obama said that he and First Lady Michelle […]

Talking To Your Family About Your Estate Plan

Many clients finish planning their estate with me and then ask me what they should tell and to whom. As you might expect, the answer depends on where the client is in life and on the specific life circumstances for which we’ve planned. Families With Minor Children For families with minor children, I urge parents […]