Make It Last – Ep 201 – Are We in a Recession?

Listen here! Victor and Mark kick the show off by discussing whether or not we are in a recession. Listen to hear Victor’s take on the topic. Today, IRAs, 401k’s, etc. are the new nest egg. Tune in to hear the guys dive into the IRA/401k world, & discuss how pensions have been phasing out. […]

Make It Last – Ep 199 – Do You Care About Inflation?

Listen Here! This week on Make It Last, Victor and Mark will be discussing how inflation has increased Social Security payouts. They’ll tell you everything you need to know that comes along with it — the good, the bad, and the ugly! Victor will also explain why it’s important to over-plan for an inflationary economy, […]

Make It Last – Ep 196 – The Ol’ 60/40 Rule

Listen Here! What’s going on with inflation, interest rates, and the markets? Listen to this week’s episode of Make It Last to get the latest updates on todays economy.  Stocks and bonds are down at the same time for the third time in history. Victor and Mark will discuss why that is, and what it […]

Make It Last – Ep 193 – The Art of Decluttering

Listen here! This week on Make It Last, we’ll be talking about growth & safety.  The first half of 2022 led us into uncharted territory as inflation skyrocketed. Victor shares his thoughts on how he thinks the rest of the year will play out. Do you know how to down size? Victor & Mark will […]

Make It Last – Ep 191 – The Upside of a Downturn

Listen Here! This week on Make It Last, Victor & Mark will be talking about two major opportunities that can happen for retirement planning during a market downturn. Victor will also give you his top tips for starting a conversation with loved ones around estate and legacy planning. Finally, they’ll wrap the show up with […]

Make It Last – Ep 181 – Living With A Bear

Listen Here! This week on Make It Last Victor gives you his top reasons why not to panic during a Bear Market. We’ll also be discussing the top concerns our clients have. Including, but not limited too, market risk, inflation risk, and tax risk. How do these affect your retirement? Victor will wrap the show up with […]

Make It Last – Ep 173 – Even Prince Needs a Plan

Listen Here! This week on Make It Last Victor and Mark will be discussing inflationary psychology and how inflation can severely impact your retirement plan. They’ll also be answering the two biggest questions pre-retirees have- when can I retire, and have I saved enough? Finally, they’ll wrap things up with a game of Retirement “Yay […]

Make It Last – Ep 170 – Why Is The Bag Half-Empty?

Listen Here! You already have the foundation, but what’s a house without walls and a roof? Victor gives you all the materials you need to make sure the Big Bad Wolf doesn’t blow your house down. Why are bags of potato chips half-empty these days? Inflation might be behind it. Victor gives tips on how […]