COVID-19 Update For Your Advanced Health Care Directive

Hey everybody. It’s Victor Medina with Medina Law Group. You know, as everybody knows, we’ve been battling with COVID and all of the challenges that it brings. One of the things that we’ve been focusing in our office though, is on the advanced healthcare directives. And as most of you know, those are the documents […]

A Growing Need for Estate Planning

In the coming years, experts predict that the demand for estate planning services and expertise will be greater than ever. As a recent article points out, the nation’s aging baby boomers are currently entering the retirement phase of their life. This “silver tsunami” is increasing the need for retirement and estate planning. American’s senior citizens […]

Incapacity Planning for Young Adults

Estate planning is often the last thing on the minds of young adults. As a recent article explains, however, incapacity planning is a facet of estate planning that is absolute necessity for everyone, and especially beneficial to young adults. Incapacity planning is one of the first parts of estate planning that young adults should complete. […]