My Estate Planning is Complete: What Now?

You might assume that after you’ve taken the care to sit down with a knowledgeable estate planning attorney and articulate all of the relevant documents like a trust, a will and powers of attorney that your estate planning work is done and that all basis have been covered. Bear in mind that there are certain […]

Evaluate All Possible Choices When Naming an Executor

Sometimes people ask whether or not they can name all of their children as the executor of their will such that no one feels left out. You certainly can name multiple children as co-personal representatives if you choose to do so. However, this can slow things down significantly. Multiple personal representatives typically have to be […]

Ways to Make Life Easier for Your Heirs

While the process of dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy, there are certain estate planning steps that people can take to ease the process of estate administration for their heirs. A recent article discusses some of these steps. The first step is to create a file and label it, “My […]

How to Select a Personal Representative Outside of Your Family

Whether for work, school, or simply finding a warmer climate, a recent article discusses how many individuals find themselves living away from the rest of their family. Although it is perfectly acceptable to name personal representative who lives in another state, some may feel more comfortable naming a personal representative who is closer. If you […]