The Signs of Elder Financial Abuse

In the event that you have an elderly loved one who is showing some signs of limited capacity and you are concerned about the management of his or her financial affairs, it may be time to talk with your elderly loved one as well as his or her estate planning attorney about the next steps […]

Elder Financial Abuse Often Goes Unnoticed

If it can happen to Mickey Rooney, it can happen to anyone. Elder financial abuse is a real and growing epidemic in the United States, hard as that is to imagine. Unfortunately, we live in a society that too often looks at the elderly as “less than.” Unscrupulous adults who are hard pressed for cash […]

Seniors Leveraging More Debt In Retirement

Here is another post discussing how seniors are handling finances. I’m not a financial advisor (nor do I play one on TV), but I know enough to be dangerous. This article from USA Today talks about how more seniors are using debt to finances their retirement. Whether it is an additional mortgage or credit cards, […]

Moving Elders to Safe Place is Key to Preventing Abuse

As a recent article points out, elder law is a “serious and growing problem we know too little about and, worse, too often ignore.” The article explores how various communities are attempting to deal with situations of elder abuse, whether they be physical, financial, or emotional. A caregiver’s first instinct may be to call the […]

Preventing Financial Elder Abuse

Elder financial abuse is a growing problem. Whether perpetuated by salesmen, realtors, scam artists, or even one’s own family members, stories of financial elder abuse continue to emerge daily. In light of this growing problem, a recent article in Forbes discusses several ways in which family members of vulnerable elderly men and women can reduce […]

Protecting Against Elder Abuse in Finances

A recent article suggests that, while senior citizens should plan inheritances and give gifts of money or property if they are willing and able, they should put their foot down when family members ask them to co-sign or guarantee loans. Otherwise, senior citizens may be left with nothing. A little discussed but serious problem facing […]