The Signs of Elder Financial Abuse

In the event that you have an elderly loved one who is showing some signs of limited capacity and you are concerned about the management of his or her financial affairs, it may be time to talk with your elderly loved one as well as his or her estate planning attorney about the next steps […]

What You Need to Know About Estate Planning and Dementia

With an increasing number of Americans being concerned about their parents developing cognitive disabilities as they grow older, it is important to think carefully about how the estate planning process can be impacted when your family member develops dementia. Accomplish Estate Planning as Soon as Possible If you have not yet started the estate planning […]

From Antipsychotics to iPods: The Changing Face of Dementia Treatment

Long-term care resident surveys show that some 70% of dementia patients living in nursing homes exhibit significant psychological or behavioral problems. For years, those symptoms were treated with difficult antipsychotic drug regiments. Today, in a more enlightened age, antipsychotics have fallen into disfavor as a first-line dementia treatment and are less commonly prescribed (though many […]

Seniors Who Still Drive Are Less Likely to Develop Dementia

We’re always learning about new ways to ward off dementia. Here’s a surprising one: driving! A new study finds that driving a vehicle on a regular basis can reduce the risk of dementia in the elderly. Those who lose their license or choose to stop driving face much more rapid declines in physical and mental […]

Robin Williams Suffered from Dementia, Not Depression

When superstar Robin Williams passed away last year, it was widely reported that the actor had claimed his own life, having lost his long battle with depression and substance abuse. Now, CNN reports, his wife has come forward to correct the record: it was actually dementia that is to blame. Even family members and close […]

Dementia Diagnosis Could Cost $730K in Nursing Care

While the families are happy to hear a longer prognosis, those extra years with their loved ones come at a profound financial cost, climbing toward a million dollars in some cases. This month, USA Today explains how a dementia diagnosis can easily add up to $730,000 for a typical family. Consider the following: The national […]

What Is Dementia Like Outside the Nursing Home?

Most of the research on dementia patients’ experiences has focused on hospitals and nursing homes. After all, those are the easiest sites to study. But many of America’s dementia patients receive their care in the privacy of their own homes. So what is the experience like for them? View image | GeriPal, a popular […]

Social Contentment May Combat Mental Decline in the Elderly

Inside Out is making waves in theaters worldwide, giving us all a touching new understanding of the roles our emotions play in our lives. Now, a new study concludes that those emotions may be directly linked to dementia and mental decline in the elderly. View image | As reports, the new study followed […]

For Beating Dementia, It’s Nature Over Nurture — Or Is It?

We all get old, but only some of us lose our memories along the way. Among the elderly, some have an incredibly strong grip on the past, while others struggle with forgetfulness or even severe memory-related diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. View image | Why the discrepancy? What separates those with strong memories from […]

Sweet Tooth Linked to Alzheimer’s, Dementia

A growing body of scientific evidence is illuminating ways in which we might all be able to prevent Alzheimer’s — even if we’re predisposed toward dementia. Until now, most of those efforts have focused on physical activity and mental strengthening. Now there’s a whole new frontier in the battle against Alzheimer’s, but this particular vice might […]