My Estate Planning is Complete: What Now?

You might assume that after you’ve taken the care to sit down with a knowledgeable estate planning attorney and articulate all of the relevant documents like a trust, a will and powers of attorney that your estate planning work is done and that all basis have been covered. Bear in mind that there are certain […]

For Wealthy Parents, Inheritance is the New “Birds and Bees”

If you polled parents about the conversation they least want to have with their children, most would probably tell you divorce or “the birds and the bees.” CNBC reports that for wealthy people, though, the answer is a little different: inheritance. Like anyone else, rich parents want to leave their kids in as strong a […]

Three Simple Tips for Estate Planning

Overwhelmed by the prospect of estate planning? Don’t make a federal case out of it! (No, really, these are usually state-law matters!) View image | Everyone needs an estate plan but most American’s wait way too long to create one, often delaying until it’s too late. We don’t want that for your family, and […]

The Most Dangerous Estate Planning Traps

The oversights — those are what’ll “get ya.” We recently came across an opinion piece written by a wealth management professional in Florida, recounting some of the more frequent mistakes she’s seen her clients make in their estate plans. Sure enough, they look pretty familiar. View image | Time and again, people who decide to “go […]

Do You Need A Lawyer To Create A Will?

Sure, you can create a will without a lawyer. There are even a number of downloadable documents online, and software programs available from your nearest electronics store, to help you do it. However, a recent article in the ABA Journal showcases why the do it yourself approach is not such a good idea. The article […]

When Was The Last Time You Reviewed Your Beneficiary Designations?

Maybe it’s the IRA you have meticulously made contributions to for the last twenty years. Or the retirement plan you established with your employer the very day you began work at the company. Or that insurance policy you bought many years ago. You created them not only to protect your financial future, but also the […]

How to Avoid Estate Planning Mistakes

Estate planning can be a daunting task. However, there are certain steps a person can take in order to make the process go smoothly and avoid common mistakes. A recent article discusses several of these steps. First, be sure complete all documents in your estate plan. After you have completed all documents, ensure that your […]