Ep 211: Repurposing Your Old Financial Accounts

On this episode of Retirease Radio, let’s talk about some of the accounts that people tend to ignore for too long. Victor will lay out some planning opportunities that are worth considering because you could be earning more in some cases or saving more in others.

Ep 210: Fear, Anger, and Blissful Ignorance: Coping with Market Turbulence

On this episode: On this episode of Retirease Radio, we’ll reflect on the extremely turbulent stock market of the past 12 months and analyze some of the common ways people cope with volatility and their different emotional responses. We’ll start with the most common reactions, fear and panic, and discuss how they can influence investment […]

Make It Last – Ep 180 – The Ultimate Retirement Tool Kit

Listen Here! Most Americans are getting a failing grade in financial literacy, especially revolving around retirement. Victor and Mark share the top topics people are struggling with so you can understand! They’ll also discuss all of the tools you need that will get you through retirement. These tools will help you live the retirement of […]

Are There Assets That Shouldn’t Go Inside the Revocable Trust?

Planning ahead for your future likely involves a sit-down meeting with a New Jersey estate planning attorney, and that conversation may include mention of estate planning tools such as a revocable trust. Known for its flexibility, the revocable trust empowers you to maintain control over assets placed inside and the trust itself over the course […]

What to Consider When Passing Assets on to Your Family Members – Part I

There are many different considerations when thinking about leaving behind your assets to your loved ones. Read on to learn more about the first of the four major reasons you should consider in this four-part blog post series.  Most people do not realize just how many belongings and assets they have until they sit down […]

Five Key Steps for Managing Your Digital Assets

These days it is just as important to plan for what will happen to your digital assets as it is for your other assets. This is because many individuals do not realize that the accounts and passwords they currently have may not easily be accessible by their loved ones after they pass away. Thankfully, you […]

Should I List My Children on My Titled Assets?

While it seems like a simple solution to deal with your assets in the event that you pass away or become incapacitated, it can be a mistake to add children to the title of your assets. While the basic idea is simple, it involves giving your children the title so that they are eligible to […]