Carry Your Estate Plan With You

New Jersey citizens should take care to prepare for the possibility of an accident or other emergency. As a recent article explains, one way to do this is to carry your important documents with you on a USB drive.

So what kind of documents should you store on a USB drive? While the answer to this question will necessarily be different for each individual, it makes good sense to include the information that your loved ones and caregivers would need quick access to in order to act appropriately in an emergency situation.

For example, if you experience an accident and are hospitalized, you may need another individual to make medical and financial decisions for you. These people should be designated on your medical power of attorney and durable power of attorney. If an accident leaves you in critical condition, your living will informs your doctors what types of lifesaving measures – if any – you would like to be taken on your behalf. Additionally, a HIPAA authorization will allow the hospital to release information to authorized individuals.

The next time you meet with your estate planning attorney, be sure to discuss your crisis plan. Ask him or her to assist you in setting up a USB drive to ensure that you are protected in the event of an accident.