How to Broach the Subject of Estate Planning with Your Parents

It can be exceptionally difficult to think about your mortality but confronting the complicated issues surrounding planning a loved one’s estate is even more difficult when it is your parents.

Talking about estate planning can feel uncomfortable and difficult. The feeling that this subject is extremely awkward makes it all the easier to avoid it. However, this can have major consequences when your loved ones do pass away. Remember that if you intend to approach this subject with your loved ones, you should not bring it up during a conversation that appears otherwise casual.

This can seem offensive or even manipulative when interpreted by your parents. Suggesting that you wish to have a special conversation with them in the future makes them less likely to feel uncomfortable about it overall.

You may even initiate the conversation by sharing that you or your partner are engaging in the process of estate planning yourself. Saying something such as we want to ensure that you understand our wishes that if something were to happen to us and we wanted to make sure that we know how we can effectively support you.

During such a conversation, it is crucial to focus on what your parents need and want. Sharing that you are doing your best to honor their wishes can be a conversation slightly more comfortable and indicate to them that you have their best interests in mind.

Scheduling a consultation with an estate planning attorney should only be done after you have had the opportunity to discuss this directly with your parents and to determine their individual needs.