Are You Aware of the VA Nursing Home Program?

Many New Jersey veterans are approaching the age where their health care needs require being admitted to a nursing home. The uncertainty of changing one’s living arrangement is often compounded by the fact that the costs of nursing home care can be, at times, staggering. Fortunately, the Veteran’s Administration provides long-term nursing home care in various facilities.

The Veteran’s Administration offers two types of nursing homes for eligible veterans: (1) those that are owned and operated by the Veteran’s Administration, and (2) those that are privately owned, but contract with the Veteran’s Administration to provide nursing home care for nearby veterans.

In order to qualify for admittance into these nursing homes, a veteran must suffer from a physical or mental impairment that necessitates nursing home care, and be otherwise qualified to receive veteran’s benefits.

The Veteran’s Administration will attempt to place an eligible veteran in the nursing home closest to his or her home. If the Veteran’s Administration does not have a facility close to the veteran’s home, the Veteran’s Administration will pay for the veteran to stay in a nearby private facility. A list of Veteran’s Nursing Homes is available here.

As another long-term care option, the Veteran’s Administration offers Community Living Centers, which provide short-term residential care to those who require rehabilitative or other short-term care, but do not require full time nursing home care.