12/06/2019 – MLG Five Fact Friday

Hey everybody, it’s Victor Medina. Welcome back to another Five Fact Friday and I’m back in the Orlando Airport. I’m actually attending an annual conference for other attorneys. We learned how to improve our practice and I’m giving one of the presentations tomorrow. Really excited. There’s about 200 people here and we have a great opportunity to learn from one another. I wanted to go over the links that we’ve got going on for these facts, Five Facts Friday. And so the first one has to do with the effects of the 2009 recession. You know, it turns out that farmers cut back on the number of trees that they were planting in large part because of the recession and they wanted to cut costs. Well, the effects of that cutback are actually being felt today because it’s now 10 years later and it’s time to cut down those trees. Now, farmers say that everyone who wants a fresh Christmas tree will have an opportunity to do that, but it is interesting to see the effects of something like a recession and the idea that it’s gonna be about 10 years before we see those effects. The next link has to do with the history of Black Friday. It was actually named by a police officer in Philadelphia. So, be interesting to watch that and the link after that is a new app called Santa’s Bag. And Santa’s Bag is a great way for you to track the gifts that you want to give for other people. So you might want to check that out. Now we’ve gotcha two more links. The first is looking at Luke Perry who played one of the roles on Beverly Hills 90210 and the idea that he used a great revocable trust as part of his plans. We like to see success stories like that. And the last link I want to share with you is there has been a lot of news about how the trading costs for stocks has gone down to zero. In fact, first Schwab did it, then TD Ameritrade, and now everyone’s following suit. The real question is, how are they doing that? Right, how are they making it possible? So, I included a link in an article by the New York Times that talks about how it’s possible for them to do zero trades. And it really has to do in the way they do cash management. So, for the people that we do our investment management for, it turns out that we are able to make that cash money, that would otherwise be there, more productive for them. But, the places that are doing it for zero trade and more retail based are actually using that cash and lending on it and making their money off of the lending of that cash. So, I implore to read that article because, as you remember, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. But I hope you enjoy all the links for this Five Fact Friday. We actually have an upcoming seminar next week that we’re going to be hosting on wills and trusts. And so if you’re interested in attending one of our upcoming seminars in the future, in the New Year, we can do is have you reply to this email and let us know or you can forward it to somebody that you think might be interested in attending one of those seminars and we would invite them and welcome them in. Had a great response so far to the new book, “Make it Last, Empowering Women in Retirement”. And as a reminder, if you want to have us come out and give a presentation on that, let us know. We’d be happy to come and give a book talk and contribute one copy of that book for every attendee that’s in there. So that might be something that you want to think about, as well. I’m gonna catch you with one more Five Fact Friday before we gets to the New Year, so just enjoy these links. I’m going to enjoy being in the Orlando Airport and learning from these people. Check out this room. It’s fantastic. We’re on a lunch break now which is why it’s empty but it’s gonna be a great conference. Anyway, it’s gonna be a good set of links this week. And we’ll see you in a couple other weeks. Thanks for watching Five Facts Friday. Catch you soon. Bye Bye.


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