11/22/2019 – MLG Five Fact Friday

Everybody, this is Victor Medina, and welcome back to another Five Fact Friday. Listen, before we get to the links for this week, I did want to thank everybody that attended the book launch party that we held last Thursday. I’m happy to report that we raised over $370 for Womanspace, all from book sales from the newest book that I released called Make It Last: Empowering Women in Retirement. I just want to thank everybody that attended. We had a great group of not only our clients, but also our friends in the community. And what I really love about these gatherings, you know, I’m releasing about one book every year or so, is that we tend to have people who just, they get along so well. I mean the party itself is a mingling of folks that are like-minded and I’m always impressed just how well all of our clients get along with one another. People who don’t know each other, they really enjoy the time that we spend at the book launch. So if you’re interested in having me come to a group that you participate in, that want to learn more about how to empower women in retirement, you can contact us. We’d be happy to show up, give a book talk around that presentation, and, in fact, give away copies of the book to everyone that attends. So we’d love to come out and do that. We are booking for 2020 already. And we hope to be able to put you on the calendar. Let us know. Now listen. The links for this week, the first one I want to share with you is a couple of weeks ago, or a couple of Five Fact Fridays ago, I shared with you the opening of the American Dream Mall, which is up in northern New Jersey. And I complained about the fact that they were going to charge for parking. Well, they must have heard me and everyone else that was doing that because they have reversed course, and now parking is absolutely free. So if you would like to go visit the mall and check out its indoor ski arena and amusement park, and everything else it’s got, you can now park for free there if you want. Secondly, is I’m a big fan of Jeopardy, and they’re going to be hosting a show, a special, where they gonna to talk about the best of all time. So they’re gonna have three of their champions coming back. Somebody that’s never lost against anything that’s not a computer, Ken Jennings, and the guy who used to start with the most expensive ones at the bottom, and then make his way up. He had a whole betting scheme off of it. They’re all gonna be together for one special that will be airing in January of 2020. So keep on the lookout for that. The next is, you know, it’s the Uber of everything. So everyone’s trying to figure out how to get stuff more convenient. And one of the former Uber employees came up with an idea of instead of going out to a restaurant, essentially taking out all the overhead of the location of where the restaurant is, and taking away any of the, I guess, fun of sitting down and having a meal, and just having like these great gourmet meals delivered to you. It’s like you went to the restaurant but you eat at home. I guess it’s sort of like ordering room service, but it’s your house. I got to tell you, I’m gonna check it out, but it’s not really for me. My wife and I, our favorite thing to do is get to the bar area of some restaurant, you know, someplace where it’s busy, sit at the bar, grab a glass of wine, order a couple of appetizers, and just enjoy the time away from home, and away from anyone else, and have a chance to reconnect. So I don’t know if I’m gonna be goin’ or this Uber thing, but maybe it’s the dining out of the future. Check it out. The last two links having to do with both legal and financial. The first one, really is focusing on the value of Medicaid planning. You know, so many people come through our doors looking for just foundational estate planning. And even though we are offering for them this idea that they’re going to be able to protect assets if they want. Many times they’re not interested in that. In fact, we just had a client come back after friends of theirs had become clients of ours, done the asset protection planning, and realize, hey, maybe that’s something that they should do too. I kind of feel a little sheepish that I wasn’t better advocate for why they needed to the planning, but I’m happy that they’re doing it for themselves. So if you want to get ahead of the need for planning for long term care, you should probably visit with a certified elder law attorney, like we have in our office. And finally on the retirement front, this one isn’t really about retirement except that there are members of this sort of retirement home that have recreated a Hollywood scenes like Thelma and Louise and Three Stooges, and they’re selling them in a form of a fund raiser to a calendar that they have. Thought it was really kind of interesting. They’re having a lot of fun with it. Maybe you’d like to check that out, as well. Listen, this is the last Five Fact Friday before Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I enjoy being able to host in our house, and cook, and we’re gonna be doing that this year at Casa Medina. So we’re gonna have 14 people at our house, and we’re gonna have all the side dishes. I’m gonna include a link as a bonus fact to this to the side dish that I am most excited to make. It’s a special carrot dish. I’ll include a link for that. So maybe you can try it at your house as well. Until then, have a great Thanksgiving with you and your family. Thank you so much for being a watcher of Five Fact Friday. And if you know anybody that would enjoy these links as well, go ahead and forward that to them. Just go ahead and send this link and they can subscribe on their own. Hope to catch ya some time soon. And don’t forget we do have those books available for a book talk, Empowering Women in Retirement. Send that along as well, and we would love to show up an give a great book talk. We’ll catch ya on the flip side. Have a great Thanksgiving, and we’ll talk to you later. Bye-bye.


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